September 22, 2008

Yes Sir!

Continuing in the Civil War/military strain, I thought I'd share with you something my siblings and I came up with last year, at the start of our (er, my) Civil War mania. A former acquaintance of ours had a relative or someone they knew in the army, so I asked them for a list of military ranks. She gave me them, and at the advent of our Civil War enthusiasm, my siblings and I instituted "The Army of the Plains" - a family army, as well as assigning ranks by using the sheet she gave us. I don't think this is a complete list, but it works for us!

How it works, is that for each year of your life, up until you are 10, you get promoted as an enlisted soldier. At age 13, you become an officer. From then on you get "promoted" based mostly on events in your life. Here is the list!

1 yr = Private
2 year = Private 1st Class
3 years = Specialist/Corporal
4 = Sergeant
5 = Staff Sergeant
6 = Sergeant 1st Class
7 = 1st Sergeant
8 = Sergeant Major
9 = Command Sergeant Major
10 = Sergeant Major of the Army

13 years = 2nd Lieutenant
Confirmation or Graduation from Grade School (which ever comes first) = 1st Lieutenant
16 years = Captain
18 years = Major
21/engaged = Lieutenant Colonel
Engaged/21 = Colonel*
Married = Brigadier General
1 yr anniversary = Major General
5 yr anniversary = Lieutenant General
25 yr anniversary = General
50 yr anniversary = General of the Army

Now you may be thinking, what if you enter the priesthood? Got that worked out too!

Seminarian = Colonel*
Deacon = Brigadier General
Priest = Major General
Bishop = Lieutenant General
Cardinal = General
Pope = General of the Army

*which ever comes first.

So currently, in the Grand Army of the Plains (My families army) I am a Captain. I suppose I should add that then to my "list of names" in my profile, eh? Hmmm, but should I attach something else to it, or should I just be "Captain"? I could be Captain Rose. Captain Rosemary Lee? Mary is not a part of my name, nor am I in anyway related to the Lee's (except via Adam and Eve), but it popped into my head, and I rather like it. Or I could be my Lee family counterpart. *grins* That's another thing we came up with.

Now if you have been around me when I enter "Civil War Buff" mode, you should know that I have an admiration (some call it an obsession) for General Lee. (I'll stop now before I get carried away... because I can feel a Civil War Buff mode coming on, and if I get started, I'll never stop!) So anyhow, my family has 7 kids, and the Lee family has 7 kids, so we matched eachother up and that is who we "are" in the Lee family. We've also done that with the VonTrapp family too. Any famous family with 7 kids, may become subject to our assignments.
So in the Lee Family, I "am" the eldest son, Custis. Captain Custis Rose. Captain Rose Custis?

I know! I shall turn it into a poll, and then you can all vote!


  1. I'm not sure what name suits you better. But guess what?.....I am your superior officer! I am a Major! Wohoooo!! So, what do you think of....Major Victoria?

    Love ya,

  2. Ha,ha, yes, you are my superior now!

    Yes sir, sir! Major Victoria sounds just swell sir!

    Which, due to age, you would have been my superior h'officer h'anyhow.


  3. Both of you are my superior officers. Me and Hannah are the same rank for now.

    *salutes both*


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