September 1, 2008

Exhausted... but happy

Ahhh... it feels so good to sit down, in the shade, out of the hot hot sun. Happy Labor Day to you all! I am sure you are all having cook-outs, or swimming, or picnicing, or just chilling.

For our Labor Day celebration we just wrapped up an camp out that we had with some homeschooling families at our house. So much fun! There were nine families, 6 of whom stayed overnight. They began trickling in yesterday around three, and we set up the tents out in the side yard, cooked our own dinners - some on the campfire, some on the grill - played ladder golf and then prayed the Rosary around the campfire. Oh, and of course we roasted S'mores! I will admit though, I did not partake in the marshmellow roasting/eating, for some reason I can't eat more than 4 S'mores in a single summer. I think it had something to do with 3 years ago we had S'mores about once every other weekend, and I just got sick of them.

The nice thing about living in the country, is that there are so many stars to see! A bunch of us girls layed out in the yard, in the dark and stared up at the skies. However, lest I decive you by making it sound like we were all peacefull and quiet - banish the thought. Alas, the 11-12-13 crowd was... rather giggly. But we had a wonderful time none the less. I fufilled a dear wish by finally finding the Little Dipper.
Me: "I wish I could find the Little Dipper" *looks up* "Oh. There it is!"
Yes, it happened just like that! (Of course I squealed with excitment a little bit as well!) And now that I have found it, I wonder how I could ever have missed it! We also saw the Milky Way, Jupiter, Casseopia, and - most excitingly - SHOOTING STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw about 5-6, but my friend Christine saw at least twice that many! It was sooooo cool!
We also tried to find the Northern Cross, but alas! Our search was fruitless and in vain. Maybe another night.

So around 11:30, we went off to bed, and the overwhelming majority slept horribly, or so I heard. I did just fine...
So we get up the next -er, this morning - and make scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast. (The sausage wasn't scrambled!) While that was cooking, Christine and I took a lovely walk down the hill, up the hill, back down the hill and then back up the hill. Very nice.

Breakfast was followed by Fusion Tag, which was followed by Blind Man's Bluff, which was followed by a water balloon contest. We have a 3 person slingshot - two people hold the handles and the 3rd person pulls it back - and so we went out the the pasture and had a contest. The pasture is about 1-2 acres in size, with the road right by the end of it. My team won!!!! The first round we got it very far - further than any one else, and the second time around, we got it all the way on the other side of the road at the end of the pasture! Gladly for us, no one was able to duplicate that feat... because all the small water ballons were gone.

The festivities were concluded by running through the sprinkler, packed up all the tents, ate lunch and waved as all the guests drove away.

So now, I am relaxing in front of my computer - well, that is, my dad's compuer - until *sigh* my mom wakes up, and then we shall have to go work on our Fair projects.... so life goes on!

Have a great holiday!


  1. Hi again,
    I'm glad you guys had a good holiday, sounds like you had fun.
    Are you the same age as Grace "Raewyn"? I'm 16...and still don't have my learner's permit..
    PS: I'm glad you like the story on my blog. :)
    Thank you for the comment.

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog. :)
    You thought I was 18?? My mom would get a real kick out of actually sound older than 16...I thought you were like in college.


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