September 22, 2008

The Tolkien Reading Quest

As Lady Merilwen, I thought I'd take a moment to let y'all know about The Tolkien Reading Quest, a quest and a blog set up by Aladwen. She proposes what may be for some a daunting task... none less then a challenge to read through Tolkien's works on Middle-Earth. ALL of them! In her words,
No less have I required of myself to be able to say that I have a "comprehensive Tolkien education!" I've always been a Lord of the Rings buff, but have put off reading most of JRRT.'s posthumous works (other than The Silmarillion) because I wanted to re-read The Trilogy first. So, I decided to have a blog marathon and read as much as I can in order to gain the coveted title of "Tolkien Scholar!"
So who of you brave of heart out there would like to join in? Ride your nobel steeds over to her blog to see the schedule of events and if you are willing, pledge to join the challenge! We start today with The Hobbit.

Let us set off into the wondrous realms of Middle-Earth!

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