December 29, 2008

Just noticed something

Oh my gosh, I just noticed something hysterical... I can follow my own blog! Isn't that the weirdest? I mean really, why would I want to follow my own blog? Well, I am following myself now, so I shall be able to see if I post anything new! Hmm, though I guess it would work if you were part of a group blog, then you could see if the other people posted anything, but the idea of following myself is rather intriguing, so I believe I shall, for a while.

Noticed something else about the followers, on the sidebar where it has a thing of all your followers, it says "17 Followers Manage." I'm taking that to mean then that if you are following me, than I am now your manager and you must listen to what I say. Hmm, and if you get out of hand, I can manage you then as well. Interesting possibilities there. But never fear, I am a good manager, so no need to stop following my blog! After, all... I'm doing it, aren't I?

1 comment:

  1. THAT'S FUNNY!! HAHA! You know what? I'm now folowing my own blog! lol! Well, gee it just looked nice to read "4 folowers" instead of "3 folowers"! lol! :P


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