December 29, 2008

The Return of the Triumphant

All's well in the world of books! I was positively radiant, $45 in Barnes & Nobel's gift cards for Christmas!!!! Sheer rapture!!!! So we went there today and we also FINALLY went to... THE CHIROPRACTOR!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven't been there in two months or something, and we've tried to get there the past two weeks, failure both times. The first time, two weeks ago, there was horrible weather and we couldn't get out. Last week, ugh! Last week we were almost there and low and behold - our tire went flat! So this older guy came out of this store and tried to help us with the tire. He managed to get it on and then two other guys showed up and helped him tighten the lug nuts. Well for some reason it didn't look right or whatever *fast forwards* We try to back out, the car won't go, popping sound, mom hops out of car, tire flat again. Fast forwards half an hour, discover that the tire somehow got put on backwards, fast forwards, discover that the brake broke! NO VAN!!! Big bill. Nine people in six passenger car the whole way home. Yippee.

But now it is fixed and we all get to go to chiropractor today FINALLY!!!! Third time's the charm ya know!

So then we go to noon mass, get lunch and go to er, 'Barnes and Bellyboots [!?!] Booksmellers' as my younger siblings christend it. (Why!????) So we had an interesting and hysterical discussion about smelling books as we were walking from the car to the front door.

So my conquests for today were this very pretty bookmark, a daily calender with quotes from Great Books and The Complete and Unabridged Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Christo - The Three Musketeers - The Man in the Iron Mask all for ONLY $12.99!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell over when I saw the price. I could not imagine not buying it. (To impress this wonder upon you, this is three books, all in ONE volume HARD cover! Not soft!!!!) WOW!!! And I only used $23 of my 45 so I can go back again!!!! I am very very happy.

In closing, alas, I did not spot any step stools with strange signs, but then again... I ashamedly confess I forgot to look.
Speaking of strange signs, we once saw a Jiffy Lube sign that said "My Boss told me to change the sign, so I did."
But that doesn't beat the bag of almonds that had - in tiny print - 'may contain almonds'.

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  1. $45 dollars for Barnes and Bellyboots Booksmellers?! Lucky girl!


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