December 12, 2008

A Quiet Little Woman: A Christmas Story, by Louisa May Alcott.

These past few weeks, the Theater Troupe I belong to has been preparing a short skit adapted from Lousia May Alcott's story A Quiet Little Woman. We performed it on Tuesday for a woman's group, who was celebrating their 50th anniversary. Here are some pictures (taken by my mother) from the performance.
The story is about an orphan girl named Patty, who just wants to find "luxury, pleasure, rest and comfort". Jane's brother and his wife later adopt Patty as a servant in their household. A year passes, without love for Patty from the family, and many letters from Miss Jane. Christmas comes around, and Aunt Jane and the Murrays all go out to see the Nutcracker. Jane is upset when she realizes that the Murrays left Patty at home and is irritated at their attitude towards her. On the way home, she reads the Murrays some of Patty's letters, and the Murrays all realize for the first time the little girl who had been thirsting for love and belonging in their home. The next day, Christmas Day, they all surprise her with a stocking filled with presents and - more importantly to Patty - a place in their hearts and homes. Aunt Jane also has a surprise for Patty; she is friends with the dancers from the Nutcracker who come to the house and do a little dance for them all.
The story ends with Patty thanking God for all that he has given her, and sharing with Aunt Jane that she doesn't want riches and pleasures anymore, her new family is all she could ever want.

Me, as Mrs. Maria Murrey. My mom overheard one lady say "That mom is a real witch!" *cries* Well, at least she meant the character and not me! And really, I don't think Mrs. Murray was a witch, she was just treating her servants the way she'd been taught.

"Oh I wish someone would come and adopt me... I am pale skinny, and very shy. With my crooked shoulder, I'm afraid no one will ever want me."

"Can't you make friends and fortunes for yourself?"
"How can I?"
"By cheerfully taking whatever comes your way.... and by wasting no time in dreaming about what may happen, but bravely making each day a comfort and pleasure to those around you."

"They are kind to me, yet no one loves me. one notices anything but a servant girl."

"At home of course, where else would she be? Goodness, you didn't expect for us to bring her too!"
"I did! ...If the show wasn't about to begin, I'd go and get her myself."

"Oh hush, the Nutcracker is about to begin!"

"Patty is a dull, steady going girl who is suited for a servant but no more!"

"Now listen all of you... 'I am grateful, but oh! I'm so lonely.... I know I am not attractive, but my crooked shoulder is always being made fun of... I can't help that part of me."

"I think we all see Patty in a different way, now that Aunt Jane has read us her letters."
"I know that whatever we decide to do I want to change and make things better in the new year."

"Oh look, she is sleeping on the floor! What a pretty little sight, even if it is the kitchen floor."

"Is it really you? I was so afraid you wouldn't come, I cried myself to sleep!"

""For me? Oh, you all do care for me!"

"Christmas is the time for all sorts of pleasant miracles, and I have a surprise too..."

"...since you didn't get to see the performance last evening, they [the dancers] have agreed to come and do a little dance for you."

"Will you still be dreaming of friends that are to come for you someday with fortunes in their pockets?"
"No Ma'am, I feel as if I found my folks. I don't want any finer fortune than the love they've given me today."

The End.

From Left to right:
Mrs. Murray (me), my daughter Ella and my daughter Joan.

Mrs. Murray and Patty
(AKA me and my sister 'Yaviel'.)

This Advent and Christmas season, be sure to look around for those who want love, but have no one to give it to them. You don't need to look far and wide either, all to often, some of the people who want or need love the most are right under our noses.


  1. You are so pretty. :) Since I only ever see pictures of you online, it's hard to tell just how pretty you are with your glasses on.

    The costumes are darling. I love Patty's pinafore! It looks like it was great fun. :D

  2. Such loveliness! Lovely costumes, lovely story, and lovely girls! It looks like it was a beautiful performance.

  3. Wow...haha...nice first pic... by the tree. :) Send those suitors my way sis. ;) hehehehee mMAHAHAHAHAHHAa

  4. @ Delaney and Clare - Thank you both for the compliments! I passed them along to Pepermint Patty as well.

    @ Paul - Oh thank you dear brother! You've no idea how these suitors have been troubling me! Davy Jones keeps knocking on my door, and I thought I had killed Sauron by refusing him the first time, but apparently he was only mostly daed again, so he keeps hanging around too! Most annoying.

  5. *claps* Bravo!!!!! Why didn't you tell me about it?

    -C.C. Sparrow

  6. Aw, you're lovely, Rose :) So is everyone else! Cool pictures :-D


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