December 30, 2008

My Christmas Flower

I walk into my bedroom half an hour ago, look at my bookcase with my potted plants on top and suddenly I notice two purple flowers on my African Violet!

She hasn't had any flowers since about October/November and now, in the midst of winter she pops forth with two! I asked my sister Kathleen if she'd seen them before, and of course she replies "Oh yeah, I saw them sometime last week." I was like "WHAT??? Why didn't you tell me that Alice had flowers!???!?!?!?!?!??" Response: shrug.
So I am very excited with Alice's new flowers, they are so pretty! (Yes, I named her Alice - not *cough* after the Twilight character). I wonder what made them pop up? Christmas, or the change of scenery and temperatures? Alice used to be in the back hall by two doorways, but after it got colder I moved her to my bed room. So it's either warmer there, or maybe she likes water from the bathroom sink better then water from the filtered drinking tap.
Again, yes I named my plant. She looks like an Alice, don't you think? And don't worry, this is not my first plat I've named. I have two others, a some kind of green plant and an ivy plant. The green unknown plant is Fred. He was the first plant I got. Actually, his birthday is soon... and Holly is my ivy. ;) All three are very good friends and decorate the top of my book shelf nicely. I'm thinking of adding to my menagerie with maybe a baby pine tree, or something.
Feel free to leave your congratulations for Alice here and I shall pass them on to her!

EDIT: Ha ha! My 300th post!!!!


  1. You know *giggles* the flower sort of reminds me of Alice!!!

  2. Ugh, I know. I have been having a hard time convincing myself that I didn't name the flower after her.

  3. OH! CONGRATS ALICE!! CONGRATS!! HOW BEUATIFUL!! *coughs and mutters* I'm talking to a plant.

    I GOT IT! You named her ALICE from Alice In Wonderland!! Gee, I've always liked the movie. :)


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