December 24, 2008

Twas the Day Before Christmas...

by yours truly

‘Twas the day before Christmas and the Wal-Mart was packed,

With holiday shoppers, in lines back-to-back.

And I in my sweatshirt and Papa with his staff,

Tried to make our way through the season’s mish-mash.

I looked about in horror, Papa exclaimed with fright,

“Why all these shoppers are a terrible sight!”

We grabbed a few things, and fought our way through,

All the while dodging every Dick, Harry and Lou.

Then looking about, I exclaimed with glee,

“Well what d’ya know, this aisle’s empty!

We entered the aisle sighing with relief,

Then more shoppers came, bringing us nothing but grief.

We tried to get through, to get to the door,

But a stampede of shoppers knocked us onto the floor.

I said, “Dad, this is crazy, let’s get out while we can.

We can swing on the lights, then run to the van."

So we jumped and jumped ‘till we reached the ceiling,

Than Papa looked down and said with feeling,

“The sight of those shoppers is making me sick,

Let’s leave right now, make our exit, and quick!”

So we swung over the heads of those holiday shoppers,

No one saw us because they were busy spending their coppers.

Then finally we reached the far away door,

We let go of the lights and dropped to the floor.

Landing on our feet, we ran to the car,

And did not speak ‘till away we were far.

Then Papa said, looking like a partially plucked hen,

“We’ll never go shopping on Christmas Eve again!”

Poem copywrite


  1. that was great!! You are so good at poems! Merry Christmas!!!
    Love ya,

  2. *rolls eyes* How true that is......

    *slaps Rose on back* Oh aunty Rose! I have no idea how you feel!.....but I can imagine!! ;)


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