April 18, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 7

~ 1 ~
Yes! I am finally back on my blog after Lent and a week. My apologize for ignoring y'all, but i haven't been able to think of anything to post about. Well, on here, that is. My blogging energy this past week has been focused on posting more on the Fairy Tale Fellowship blog. But mayhaps this will get me started on here again!

~ 2 ~
So how did your Lent go? I wish i could say that my penance of giving up the Internet was hard... but strangely, it wasn't. I actually kind of enjoyed it! Is that a bad thing? Though i'm inclined to think it isn't, because it has caused me to decided to make a whole heated attempt to cut down on my internet time, since i will readily confess that i spent way to much time on there. It kind of got to the point where i'd sit down at the computer because i couldn't think of anything to do, and then just wander around because i couldn't think of anything to do online either! The gorgeous weather, my new Pride and Prejudice piano music and a story i'm workiong on should help me with that. =)

~ 3 ~
Another new resolution i've made recently is one inspired by my Starburst. (Lanta) I've started talking on the phone with her occaisonally and she pointed out to me that i really don't talk all that much. (I knew that already though... =P ) Now all the people who know me online may be a bit shocked and surprised, but i really don't talk all that much offline. A friend once commented that she learns more about me and what i'm thinking from my blog than she does from talking to me. (Now that's a scary thought.)
But really, it's true. For whatever reason, i talk so much more and more fluently when i type than when i actually am conversing with people. When i type or write, my thoughts just flow so much easier and more coherently, but the minute i try to have an intelligent conversation with someone, it's like my brain goes on crawl mode.
I don't mind that all that much since most of my friends are all talkers and i like to listen to people anyhow (ya learn more that way. ;) ) so up until now i've never tried to improve my talking skills. However, in the past 1/4 of the year, i've begun talking to friends on the phone (for the first time in all my 17 years!) and i've decided that you can't just listen all the time when you talk on the phone because then you aren't talking on the phone, you are listening on the phone. And so Lanta baby, you've inspired me to start talking more to people so i can make better conversation than "Yes," Mhhmmhh" "Right" "yeah" and other variations of yes or now. =P You shall be proud of me!

Now, just to clarify, that's not to say I never talk. I do talk a lot around my family, and when (as Lanta put it) someone pushes a button in my brain. Those buttons tend to be either: Civil War, Lord of the Rings or The Fairy Tale Novles/FT forum. Then i can't shut up! I could continue in my explanations and probings but this is supposed to be quick takes so maybe i'll do a blog post sometime.

~ 4 ~
I got an MP3 player!!!! =) I got a bunch of money for my birthday, and having previously decided that if i did any clothes shopping, it would be at thrift stores, i bought myself a 2Gig RCA Pearl MP3 player for only about $30 at Wal-Mart. And it's blue!
Yup, that's what it looks like! I especially like the fact that it as a flip out USB port, so that i don't need a chord to attatch it to the computer. (Yes! One less thing to lose!) Having never had an MP3 player before, it's just amazing to me how such a small little thing can store 600 songs (AND it has a micro chip SD slot for extra music storage), and you can put audio books on it and you can get radio stations! I can't figure out how it possibly picks them up, but it must have a way. Oh, and it has this tiny little microphone on the back for recording voice memo's.

I got an ITunes gift card for my birthday, so i was able to buy a few songs! Naturually though, after you download them, they are the wrong type of music file and won't play on there. So I have to burn the songs to a CD and then copy them back on to the computer via Windows Media Player, thus converting the files from a M4A file to a WMA file. And then put the songs on the MP3 player. Oh well. The quality is great and it works well, so i'm happy!

~ 5 ~
Ok! I need help. Which music playlist should i put on my blog?

This one:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

This one:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

This one:

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Or a combo of all three? Please leave a comment with your opinion, and if you think i should do a combination, than please leave a comment stating which songs you would like to see on there. (And in any case, feel free to suggest songs that i don't have that you like!)

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  1. I think you should do the last play list first, than the first one, then the second one.

  2. #3 - I'm exactly the same way! I'm a bit of a chatterbox online, and I'm one of the loudest in my family, but I generally tend to be more on the quiet side when hanging out with people. But, like you, I have certain buttons and get me started and I won't stop... music, Chesterton, and Catholic issues are my big three, I think.

    I like to grumble about the unfair bias of history books towards the North regarding the Civil War, too, though. ;)

  3. Couple of things:

    #1 I am so glad to have you back posting on your blog! I have to tell you that I missed it very much as it is so fun to read!

    #3 I have to tell you, that I have always admired your umm...amount of talkativeness. I have always thought I talk too much, and rarely about anything interesting or important. So I've also always thought "I wish I was more like Rose, who doesn't spend her time talking about silly nothings but rather interesting important things." So yeah, just wanted you to know that! :)

    #4 Congrats on your MP3 player! Bet its fun to have.

    #5 I didn't look at all the songs on your playlists, but I'd be inclined to go for playlist 1...but any of them are good.

    God bless!


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