April 22, 2009

Random Scenes of Spring

I have been saying 'random' a lot lately, as I randomly pointed out to myself, and outside it is beginning to look like spring so I randomly decided to combine the two into a post with random scenes of spring! I shall also probably randomly italicize things in keeping with the theme.

Randomly lovely green grass!

A randomly slightly higher view of our randomly green yard so you can see the random white fence!

Ooh! Random weeds!

Our randomly lovely blue sky with one random tiny cloud

More random weeds, aka dandelions. Remind me to take another picture of our yard in a few weeks when it is literally covered in dandelions!

The random green pasture. Can't wait until the corner you see right there has tiger lily's in it. (That is, assuming the lawn mower doesn't forget they are there and chop them all up.)

Random kittens! Just what we need.

Random flowers on the semi-truck bush! (I don't expect you to know why we call it that, just so long as you don't expect me to explain. ;) )

Random black-and-white picture of the same flowers.

The trees by the crik (= creek = drainage ditch) randomly getting green leaves! (Not blue, not purple, not hot fake and scary pink, but green. Amazing, no?)

And lastly, leaves on one of our very few trees!

So yes, spring is on the way! Lots of random greeness and wonderfully warm weather. (Today that is, yesterday was randomly cold.) It isn't completely spring yet though, because the daffodils haven't bloomed and they haven't randomly planted the soybean and corn fields. When they do, however, it shall indeed be finally, completely, spring!


  1. Yes, indeed, oh random daughter - utter and complete wackiness, craziness and general absurdity!

  2. The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind!

    Okay, that's my random comment. Actually not to random, though since it was playing the background! :)

    Thanks for the random photos! Gave me a good laugh! :) :)

  3. I like the pictures you took in your random-ness post.

  4. Dandelions are NOT weeds!

    Lovely pictures! :)


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