November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 11


This weekend The Goat Milk Soap Shop will be heading out to the holiday craft fair at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Batavia, IL.  If you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and say hello!  (And check out some soap...)


The things that come out of my little brother 2's mouth are really something at times, and you have to wonder where he's coming up with it.  Yesterday my sister recounted a conversation she'd had with him, where he asked what the age was to get a kiss.  I asked him if there was a girl he wanted to kiss, and he yelled "What? No way!  What has Paul [my knight] been telling you???"
This morning on the way to Mass he informed me that I was going to have a double wedding ceremony with Sister2.


More promotional stuff!  Ink and Fairydust, a Christian e-magazine, recently started up a blog.  We're still working on getting it fully up and running, but our goal is to have blog posts and maybe someday a comic up twice a week.  You can find and follow the blog at


I discovered the following video last night with my mom, and we laughed so hard.  You'd think eventually word would get around and folks would realize that they probably can't fit under this bridge...



Also... LES MISERABLES TRAILER.  So many wonderful sounding songs and voices.  I become more and more excited for this movie each time I watch the trailer.  I personally think that Anne Hathaway is going to steal the show... the little bit I've seen of her as Fantine are absolutely amazing.



I have discovered that if I am in close proximity to Half Price Books, I will end up stopping in.  I told myself I would run in, just to look for the Dorothy Sayers book I was told I need to read before Gaudy Night, which I bought because I was told I needed to read it before The Businessman's Holiday, which I had bought previously.  I didn't find what I wasn't looking for, but ended up buying three new books anyhow.  I only spent $11, so I think it was completely worth it.


I can hardly believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already - where has November gone to?  Speaking of November flying by... I am getting rather far behind on my novel.  This is not good.  Unfortunately I am at a somewhat boring part of the plot, and I am not motivated to write through it to get to all the interesting stuff...

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