November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol 10


This week, my quick takes are going to be very quick takes because I have absolutely no inspiration.  So!  Therefore the following six takes will be quick snippets on thoughts in my head throughout the past week.


I had my first experience with working an almost full time job when I covered my co-worker's part time hours in addition to my own while she was on vacation.  It really tired me out there for most of the week and a half, but over all it wasn't bad.  I really liked the paycheck that came afterwards. ;-)


Finally!  We have a full length theatrical trailer for Les Miserables.  I am so, so excited for this movie to come out  - I've never seen the musical, or read the book, but I love the music and from what I can hear from the trailer, it's going to be amazing.  And Anne Hathaway is going to be awesome.


Very well... I will say something about the election.  I don't think I ever really thought that Romney could win, so I was prepared when I woke up and learned from Facebook that Obama got another four terms.  Did I hope and pray that I would be wrong?  Of course I did.  But yeah, I can't say I was terribly surprised at the outcome. 


In relation to the previous quick take, I heard a song during adoration at the young adult group I attend the other night, that I thought was very fitting for the situation.  I'm saving that for it's own post though which means - you'll have to come back to find out what song it is!


My mom requested our Christmas lists early this year (usually we don't write them up until Advent starts) so that she isn't left biting her nails and hoping that the packages she ordered will get to the house on time.  I am... not entirely sure what to put on there.  I love gifts, so it's not that there isn't anything I would like.  I'm afraid it's that syndrome where you make a mental list of gift ideas all throughout the year, remembering it, and then the moment that list actually become necessary you forget everything that was on it.


I am really, really hoping that the internet will co-operate and my next episode of Castle will load fully so I can watch it sometime tonight.  That's the bad thing about watching things on the internet.... if you watch too many the bandwidth bombs out and you are left with a horrendous cliff hanger. 

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