November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol 13


In case your day got off to a bad start, here is a little something to make you laugh.

Seriously, could anything be cuter than this?


Not my photo /\
It's been a while since I've had a Pinterest recipie to share.  To rectify this tragic turn of events, I present you with White Cheddar Chicken Pasta.  I tried it out on my family the other evening, and we all loved it.  It's fairly easy to make, though I would recommend measuring out all your ingredients ahead of time, unless you have someone to help you shred cheese and stir three pots all at once.


The Mark of Athena finally came in at the library the other day, and I've been eagerly tearing through it's 500 some pages in between work and events and chatting with my Knight.  Rick Riordan has not disappointed my expectations thus far.  The plot is full of exciting action and wonderful Roman and Greek mythologies, and more than once I've caught myself laughing out loud.  I read the previous two books back in the spring, so it's been a little bit of a struggle to remember exactly what happened previously, but Riordan does a great job of alluding to previous events just enough to trigger my memory, without completely spelling out the plots of the previous stories all over again.


This weekend The Goat Milk Soap Shop will be heading out this Saturday and Sunday to the Holiday Lane Craft Fair and Festival of Trees!  Be sure to stop in and say hello if you are in the area - check out our Facebook page for the times and location!


I've been making my way through seasons of the hit TV show Castle.  I believe I've watched enough of it now to do a review, but I suppose since I only have one and a half seasons to go, I might as well wait and give my review then.  For now I'll just say - I love it.  It is such a fun, interesting and exciting show to watch.


I decided that this year I would send out Christmas Cards to friends.  I still have the box of lovely ones that I bought last year that never were written in due to the chaos of figuring out that I was leaving school and then the excitement of going out to visit my Knight the week before Christmas.  And speaking of my Knight... only 27 more days until I get to see him again!  I am so, so excited.


Sunday marks the First Sunday of Advent and the start of the four week preparation for the birth of Christ.  It also marks the day when my siblings and I draw names out of a hat to see who they get to buy a Christmas present for this year.  We used to buy gifts for everyone in the family, but with seven of us, already meager spending money gets stretched even further, so we decided we would each get one person so that we could buy them something that they really wanted.  It's all kept very secret, and so we don't know who has who until Christmas morning...

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