November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol 12.


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with your family and friends.  My thanksgiving was very nice, filled with lots of really great food.  I think I managed to avoid gaining too much weight... ;-)


I saw this adorable craft idea the other day on Pinterest, and decided that I needed to make my own crocheted version of it.  I tried out two different stitches, and I think that they turned out pretty well.

If anyone is interested in the crochet pattern for a coffee sweater, I'd be happy to write it up!


The Piano Guys.  The Lord of the Rings.  I think this video speaks for itself.


NaNoWriMo.... at this point, I'd say the chances of me hitting 50,000 words by the end of November are pretty slim.  Instead, I think I'm going to focus on just getting the story finished.  I tend to flop when it comes to self motivation, and so in the last few years I haven't finished any of the stories that I've started.  Hopefully the few friends interested in reading this one will keep after me to get it done...


Heard in the house:

"You can't pick St. Roch for your confirmation name.  You don't know anything about him, and you're doing it just for then name!  Dismas is fine, if you really like him, or how about St. Maximillian?"
*a little while later*
"I will pick St. Blaise!  And I will blase forth in furious words that have no meaning!"


Apples to Apples is one of the best party games created thus far, I firmly believe.  Playing it with a large group is the best, and presents the challenge of having to weigh each person to decide if they tend to judge more literally, or more along the humourous lines.  I think I did pretty well last night, because I ended up winning the game. It's an often funny phenomenon of Apples to Apples that people say that the the green apple adjective cards they win describe themselves.  I ended up as feminine, charming, adorable, pure, playful, cold, silly, and... masculine.


And this is why I love the cast of The Hunger Games


  1. I tagged you on my blog

  2. hahahaha I love #7
    and I would LOVE a mug sweater tutorial! please and thank you!


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