September 17, 2013

Dear Introverts: Please Stop

Let me start off by saying that I myself an am introvert.  Thanks to the internet, I kind of wish I wasn't anymore, but I'm an Introvert and I consider myself fully qualified to vent about this.

Prior to about, oh I want to say six months to a year ago, the words "introvert" and "extrovert" were words that you used occasionally and heard every once in a while but no one particularly cared about.  I remember coming across an article about 10 Myths about Introverts, or something like that, and gleefully reading it to my extroverted mother and sister who often teased me about my "anti-socialness".  It became a family joke that I was going to go "sit in my closet" on a day when I needed to be alone and didn't want to go around people (read - most of the time).

The article stated that introverts make up a small percentage of the world's population, and I enjoyed being a part of a 'different' group.  As much as I like to keep things smooth and peaceful due to my phlegmatic temperament, I'd rather have my own rebellious little quirks rather than do something that everyone else is doing.

Well not any more.  I'm disowning all other introverts and turning in my personality card.

You wouldn't think that introverts are a smaller percentage of the world based on a google search of artitcles by and about introverts.  Or maybe, all the extroverts have lives which leaves the introverts at home to post all over the internet about how great they are and how misunderstood they are and WE ARE AWESOME BECAUSE WE ARE DIFFERENT SO RESPECT THAT when I don't think too many people were disrespectful of the fact in the first place.

Seriously guys, stop.  You are making us look bad.

If the only knowledge I had of introverts was based on the titles and tone of the millions of articles about them all over the web I would draw the following conclusions.  One - they are incredibly self centered.  50 reasons why  introverts are awesome, really?  Two - they are quiet and timid in person but loud and won't shut up once they get behind a keyboard.  Three - they really, really hate extroverts.  Four - extroverts are evil and shallow and introverts are going to be our salvation!

So dear introverts, please stop.  Honestly, I think we are all tired about the endless song of praises that's been streaming for far too long.  No one cares.  Go back to being just another part of society.  Yes, we're different than extroverts but that's okay.  Guess what!  Extroverts are different than us.  We're different, not greater or better.  The world needs both.


  1. I think some knowledge about introverts was needed in a society that is insanely fast-paced and just doesn't understand the beauty of quiet and thought, BUT...

    I agree that it goes too far. The same thing happens with temperament and personality labels. Rather than appreciating them as tools to understand oneself and then grow, people tend to use them as a tool for self-absorption, pride, and sadly as an excuse to resist growth.

    We need to stop considering one "type" of person as superior to another and begin praising and appreciating people of true charity. THOSE are the people who truly make the world a better place.

    God bless! ♥


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