October 1, 2013

In case you didn't know yet, it's October now people

It's October people!  Pardon me while I run outside to toss some not quite yet yellow leaves!  Alright, I have returned.

Fittingly enough, today is a bit overcast and cloudy out, so while it is supposed to reach 80 degrees, at least it will LOOK somewhat like fall though it may not FEEL like it.

I love fall, I really do.  After many years of deliberation, I have decided that fall is my favorite season.  If I could move to a climate where it was fall for 75% of the year, I would.  There's something about the change in the air... that nip, the smell.... something about driving past glowing golden fields as they are harvested and dust swirls through the air.  It's hard on your lungs, but glorious for the eyes.

I'm a year round tea drinker, but there's nothing like sitting outside and holding a warm mug of spiced tea in your hands.  Throw on a lovely, cuddly sweater and a scarf around my neck and it makes it all even more perfect.

I am waiting impatiently for the next few days of 80 degrees to pass.... then it'll finally be lovely, wonderful temperatures that stick around for a good long while!

Happy October y'all!

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  1. Hurrah for October! So excited for all the things you mentioned!


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