January 19, 2015

...Do You Think I'm Special?

Okay, so I'll admit.... that title there was designed to be a bit of a "click-bait" so people would click on it with thoughts of "Amanda! Of course you are special!" and then come here.

So since you already have those thoughts in mind, please, hold on to them a little while longer while I share the good news.  Yes, I am an:

Enough of you thought that I deserved to be in the "Best Under-Appreciated Blog" category of the annual Sheenazing Awards, so thank you very much!  I have a lot of competition, so now, if I may be so bold... please vote for me?

The Sheenazing Blogger Awards get their name from Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, who was amazing at using the newest forms of media to communicate the beauty of the Catholic Church and his love of Christ to the world. They are a fun way to celebrate the excellence of the Catholic blogosphere and honor Venerable Sheen.

You can go on and browse the list of nominees at A Knotted Life HERE and then once you've done that you can go and VOTE HERE.  (And while you are at it, you should totally vote for Grace @ My Spare Oom for Most Inspiring Blog, Iris @ The Starving Inspired for Best Vlogger and Elena @ Elenatintil for Best Blog by a Non-Papist, because these beautiful ladies all deserve to win!)

Don't forget to vote!

1 comment:

  1. As a PR person, I am totally forgiving of Click Bait. ;) You have my vote! Thanks for the mention, sweetie!

    The Starving Inspired


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