January 15, 2015

Photoshoots in the Snow? But of Course!

Going out in the snow and doing a photoshoot - without any form of scarves or hats or coats of course - has become a bit of a tradition for my sisters and I.  There is something lovely and enchanting about the portaits captured when you venture out into the cold and are surrounded by white.

preparing for a Jane Austen tea

It has been in the last three years or so that we've really gotten into doing photoshoots - I believe that has come with better cameras and increased photography skills.  many of my photoshoots when I was younger were  for Weeks in Feminine Dress, now we all do them just for the fun of it.

 stepping into Narnia

For the most part, they take place in our yard.  We have a beautiful yard with trees, a pond out back and two burms out in front that work great as replacements for hills... since, you know we are in Illinois and apparently we don't have legitimate hills.

we were snow princesses before Frozen made it cool

As cold as it may get outside (the coldest has been 19 degrees, I think), our photoshoots are always a lot of fun and end up being a fun source of sister bonding time.

the cold never bothered us anyways. (and yes, I have dubbed that my "Elsa" sweater)

I know that many people think that we are quite insane, and I suppose it is a miracle that no one has gotten sick yet.  The secret is that we all wear coats and gloves up until a split second before it is our turn to pose, then we toss them to the side, get a few shots in then throw our coats back on and warm up while someone else takes a turn.

19 degree weather doesn't bother us... we're too fabulous for that.

It is a tradition that I hope we will continue long after we've grown up and moved out, and that we pass along to our kids.  We've already been successful in dragging Bro T. into it this year...

we <3 plaid

Snow, siblings and great times... who cares if it is cold out?

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