July 16, 2009

Where Jack Went

Now i'm hopin' you read Liz's entry before you read this! If ya haven't yet, now's a good time to do so! Here is the link: The Island

Well now, while Elizabeth and Will were wonderin' where Jack was an' sittin' on the beach, Jack was off wanderin' an' not wanderin' and he was not sittin' on the beach. Ya see, after Jack had taken a quick glance o're the Black Rose an' saw it was in need o' repairs, he'd spied somethin' aways down the beach and decided it merited investigatin'.

Jack's sun tanned face broke into a grin as he walked up to that part o' the beach that Elizabeth's ship - The Black Swan - was floatin'. His wiley mind began workin' and he glanced around the beach to make sure that no one was witness to his plot. Ol' Jack waded out toward the ship, muttering with satisfaction to himself. "Well now, ain't this a fine bit of luck. Fox's ship is in need of fixin which would slow me down, and up here pops Liz's fine old boat which is undamaged and there fore quite takable, also being noticablly smaller an' all her crew is gone leavin' it quite manageable by Old Jack."

Back to where we left Will an' Elizabeth an' the rest o' the crew....

"Well shiver me timbers, Jack's gotta be around here somewheres!" Elizabeth huffed. "I don't trust 'im!"

Will glanced around wryly. "Knowing Jack, he's probably checking on his rum supply."

Elizabeth was in the midst of rollin' her eyes when they spied somethin' an' near popped out of her head. "Oi!!!! Isn't that my ship?"

Elizabeth's crew gathered 'round her.
"Aye, so 'tis!"
"We'd followed ya Cap'n"
"We nearly struck aground in the storm."
"But we anchored 'er."
"We were washed off it ashore though."

Liz whipped out her sword. "Wait... no crew was left on board?"

The crew looked at eachother an' shrugged. "We'er all 'ere."

Liz looked back at her ship. "Then how?"

At the exact same moment, down to the hairiest fraction of a second, Will an' Liz shouted out. "Jack!"

An' would ya know but from across the water came that pirate's voice. "Thank you my dear Lizzy's crew for readying me to make sail! I doubtless would have been able to do it without you!" Through the spyglass, Will could see Jack tip his hat. "Sorry to leave ya in the lurch, but me mission awaits!"

Liz ground her teeth - which were in need of a floss, floss is hard to come by on the open sea - an' threw her battered hat on the ground an stomped on it. She searched long an' hard for the right words to yell at Jack, finally comin' out with "Bloody Pirate!!!"

Will's eye glinted. "He got us into this, we aren't droppin' out this easy. Crew!" He bellowed, brandishing his sword. "Let's get her ready to make sail!"

They went to it with a will - and Will - an' within' the half hour they'd gotten the Rose up off that beach an' ready to take after the Swan. Liz was at the wheel, havin' insisted that she was to be the one to steer the ship after the "Bloody Pirate!" As she steered she hollered out directions.

"Now when we get within' range, fire at will!"

Will raised an eyebrow.

Elizabeth choked back a giggle. "I mean, fire at Jack!"

The Black Rose raced over the Caribbean, fast in pursuit of Jack's commandeered ship. The chase was on!

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  1. WHOOOP!! Pehfectly hilarious Cap'n!
    and thanks a lot for that floss bit. :P :P :P
    -CAPTAIN Elizabeth Swann ;)


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