July 14, 2009

What happened next

Now to take up again after Cap'n Swan's chapter, which you can read here.

Jack and Will found themselves (no, not on a hill with a bucket) alone again, and a listenin' to Elizabeth's footsteps stompin' off. Fox went an' heaved an exasperated sigh. "Now what?"

Jack sat himself down, puttin' his feet up on the table. "Simple, either we let her come, or we don't. Personally, I vote 'don't'." He took a possessive sip of his bottle, muttering, "She'll ditch me rum."

"As long as we're on this topic," Fox had just rememberd somethin' he was goin' to ask. "What do I have that you need for this venture of yours?"

The pirate captain raised an eyebrow. "A ship."

"A ship?"

"Yes a ship! Don't you bloody know wot a ship is?" Jack took his feet off the table, tryin' to givie Fox a mock incredulous look... and endin' up lookin' like he'd just swallowed a horse fly.

Will gave him an actuall mock incredulous look, sittin' himself down again, pirate eyes narrowed. "You have your own ship, why do you want mine?"

Jack choked on his rum. He coughed out, "Bloody pirate Barbossa took mine."

Fox gave a smirk, raisin' an eyebrow. "Again?" He tipped his chair on it's back legs, just like his mother always told him (and you, I'm sure) not to. "So, you are without a ship for this venture and want to "borrow" mine. And you'll probably lose or blow it up in the process. Why didn't you just commandeer it?"

"Well," Jack adjusted his hat with a flourish, "the idea did cross me mind. After the Black Pearl there's not a better ship in the Caribbean than the Flying Dutchman."

"It's the Black Rose now."

"Wotever. But your crew is so bloody loyal that oi couldn't pull it off. And I need a crew."

"I see."Fox sat in meditative silence, watching a mutant fly buzz around the brim of Jack's hat. "So my crew and I are to take you in my ship to find the fountain, and then be disposed by you and your earliest convenience."

"Naturally." Jack nodded gleefully. "Wouldn't want a crew of forever youthful pirates runnin' around, eh? Come on lad, for old times sakes."

"I'd rather not remember some of those old times." Fox screwed his pirate face up. "But fine, I'll take you. But," he cut off Jack's probably insinciere thanks. "I'll be watching you."

Jack grinned cheerily an' raised his bottle as Fox, he got up an' went to leave. "I knew you'd warm up to me!"

"Oh," Will turned back 'round, a grin playin' at his mouth. "Elizabeth is coming too."

Will took himself from the tavern, grinnin' away at the sounds of Jack's evident frustration . No more than ten minutes later, he found Elizabeth lounging away against the side of the tavern. She jerked her head up as only she could be doin' as Fox sauntered up. "Well?" The pirate girl demanded, dark eyes flashing. "You'd better let me come, 'cause you don't have a choice."

The thought of driving her to irritation was irrasistable to Will. He tried to look patronizing. "Actually, we decided that you are far too annoying and explosive to have on board any ship and if you dare try sneak aboard, we'll just dump you over the side. Savvy?"

Her jaw dropped. "Bloody pirate!" she sputtered. Shrugging, he turned as if to leave. Elizabeth followed irately. "I am so coming with!"

Fox glanced over his shoulder, shakin' with laughter at her fierce expression. "Of course you are, wouldn't think of leaving you behind."

That stopped Elizabeth up in her tracks. Then the lass beamed, gave a whoop and ran after Will.

You can be readin' the next part of the story over on Lizzy's pirate log!

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