July 13, 2009

And so it begins...

Now me fine readers, here is the tale of one of the many adventures i have engaged in with me mates Elizabeth and Jack -er - CAPTAIN Jack. Elizabeth and i decided to take up our pens and record the tale, each telling his or her part in their own style and preference of writing, so if the form of narration seems to change drastically, that be why! Be sure to check out Liz's log after readin' mine, for if ya read both ya'll have the FULL story!

Now d'ya ever hear tale of the time that three notorious pirates went in search of the Fountain of... well, you'll find out what that fountain was called in time. 'Tis a bold tale, full of adventure and piracy! Read one, fearless ones, should ye wish to know the full story.

Now, to start it off...

William Fox Turner pushed open the door of the tavern and glanced carefully around the crowded room. He was in search of one man in particular... Jack - er, Captain Jack Coon Sparrow. You see, Fox'd received a messege from Coon, tellin' him to be meetin' him at their usual Tortuga Inn. But as Fox entered the place he was wary. Not because of the pirates, heavens know that Fox was used to those, bein' one himself and all, but because lets just say Coon had gotten Fox involved in some rather... unpleasent things before. Anyhow...

Old Jack spotted Will crossin' the room at the same time that Fox laid eyes on Jack's perpetually half-drunk self. The pirate staggered across the room, callin' out "William! So you're here lad, I knew you'd pull through."

Fox followed him to a table. "No idea why," he muttered to himself. He addressed Coon as they sat down. "So what do you want this time? If it's anything to do with the East India Trading Company..."

"Wot, them?" Jack waved a hand. "Never a worry lad, I am through with the bloody lugs. Now, 'ow would you like to set sail with me to find somethin'?" He lowered his voice, a glint in his piratey eye.

Fox regarded him stiffly. "It depends. What?"

He raised an eyebrow. "So then you don't trust old Jack, eh?"

"I didn't say that."

"Essentially you did. You see the essential you as in the you that prefers not to take risks and not in the non-essential you that does is currently in control of both the essential and non-essential parts of you, and so there fore is essentially saying, you don't trust dear old Jack."

Will blinked, a bet befuddled. "Right. So I don't trust you. You've gotten me into some tight places Jack, and quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it. "

Jack gave a winning smile, lowering his voice. "I knew you'd warm up. Now, what we are looking for is..." he checked over his shoulder, than leaned forward whispering, "the Fountain of Youth."

(Naratorr's comment: See, I told ya you'd find out wot it was!)

"The Fountain of Youth". Fox sat back in plumb astonishment. "Honestly Jack, you don't believe that it actually exists."

Jack sighed. "You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest, honestly!"

"Get to the point Jack." Fox did not want to go through that line again.

"If you so insist. But why not? Why wouldn't the Fountain exist? Far worse things do, er, did, such as the former owner of your admirable ship."

Will shuddered at the memory of that fearsome captain. "Why would you want me to come with you? If this fountain really does grant eternal youth, why are you inviting me along? I can't believe you are 'willing to risk' that I get some of the water too."

Jack's face took on an injured expression. "I assure you it is out of the generosity o' my heart."

Fox snorted. He wasn't goin' to take that. "I'm not going to fall for that lousy excuse."

He rolled his eyes and leaned forward. "Because you have something that I need to find the Fountain."


Just then the talkin' of the two gentlemen was cut short by an all too familiar female voice screeching, " You aren't going anywhere with out me!"

The next part of the tale shall be told by Cap'n Swann at http://pirateweek.blogspot.com/

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