July 16, 2009


Alright then, if you've been over to Liz's log, then ye should be ready to continue the rest o' the story here!

Well then, after they finally got of the docks the Black Rose and all on board had a fine time of sailin'. Jack got to keep his rum, it appeared that they were all headin' in the right direction and the weather was perfect for adventuring. Relationships, however, were less than so.

Jack nearly bowled over Will as he came stompin' from the captain's quarters. "Steady on!" Will cried grabbin' at Jack. "What do you think you're doin in my cabin?"

Jack glared, snapping like a shark. "I'm not in your bloody cabin no more. That hifalutin' corn dog Elizabeth is tho and oi'm about ta throw 'er to the sharks! That bloody..."

Will began rollin' his eyes. Those two... "An' what were ya doin' in me cabin?"

Elizabeth came stormin' out from the cabin now as well. "Lookey Jack, why does it matter ta you so much that my ship is followin' us?"

"Wait, your ship is following us?"

"They'll all take me rum!"

"It'd be a good thing too!"

"Why are they following us?"

"Oi like rum!"

"Well Root Beer is blood well better for you!"

And then would you know, their conversation was cut short by a tremendous clap of thunder! All three looked up in shock, for in truth not a one of them had noticed that the sun had vanished from sight. In a tick they'd sprung into action.

"Jack, get them takin' in the sails!"

"Oi'm on it Will!"

"Liz get the..."

What Liz was to get, she never found out for at that very moment the ship struck into somethin' that not a soul had noticed. An island.


  1. hahaha! PERFECT!....but I forget what we're doing. :P That's funny I made the plan and I can't even remeber what it was. ::) Well after all it was made in 3 seconds. ;)
    *goes to post on her blog*

  2. I just read over my email to you and my plan....boy am I brilliantly weird or what? :P Jk. Amanda your posts are so funny! lol! :D


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