July 14, 2009

Brief Intermission

So is this template too un-piratey? Or is it Caribbean-ish enough to work? Because i really did not like the black background that i had going before. If you think black is better though, i will go back to it. =P

NOTE! I re-wrote what i had written of the story, because i didn't like the way it had turned out before. It's much more interesting now!

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  1. This is Danny writing on Hannah's acount. I ask Teague to please look on my blog for war has begun by myself to extermate Teague and all her followers. May the best man win. But since she is no man then I am obliged to win. And just to tell you, I am no pirate! I am a ghost sent by Gandalf to keep law and order on the seas of Middle-earth. But Alas! I am called a pirate. And I want to ask you if you can find a picture of a place for Ghost City and another for Ghost Tower.

    ~C.E.G. (Captain Elven Ghost)


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