July 15, 2009

Anchors away!

Just a brief note to ye. Liz opted not to write a chapter in between me last one, so don't be confused.

Well now, where are we? Ah yes.

After the agreement was made on who was going and who wasn't and how they were goin' to get where they were goin', preparations went rapidly underway and within' the day the ship was all ready to set out to the open sea.
Wait! That's not right! Jack! What d'ya do with me picture!!!

Oi stuck it aroun' 'ere somewheres lad. 'oo'll foind it!

There we go. Back to the story...

As you can well imagine, Liz and Jack and more than a few clashes on the subject of the rum - and other things.. As for Will, he stayed clean out of the argument. Almost....

Switching now over to Elizabeth. It was her argument, so she could portray it better. http://pirateweek.blogspot.com/

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  1. And also, PLEASE post some more videos of POTC like you did last year!



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