October 17, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 20

~ 1 ~

Gosh, it's been quite a while since I've done one of these! My Saturdays have been a wee bit full though. Not that I've minded... usually it's with fun stuff. Like last Saturday when we had our annual fall festival/barn party. We invite everyone we know out to our house, they all bring a dish for dinner, we set up tables and chairs in our barn and just talk or play games or sing or dance... whatever we want! It's so much fun.

~ 2 ~

We had this video e-mailed to us, and I thought I would share it with you. I found it really interesting and wonderful that someone actually said that Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because of his stance on abortion. Hurray for Rachel!

~ 3 ~

Just a little FYI... I have two new pages up on my website! Hopefully I'll get some more up soon, please pray that I do!

~ 4 ~
I be now goin' to speak like a scurvy pirate while I wrack me brain fer another quick take. Hmmm.... thinkin'.... need somethin' else to scribe 'bout! Ooh, we had rotten apple cinnamon pancakes fer breakfast 'tis mornin', wit' steamin' rotten apple cider. (It wasn't rotten, 'tis tavern just translated it so. It was really jolly!)

Speakin' 'o band 'o pirates... on th' current adventure over at Bayport we're havin' a flashback adventure 'n I be in me role as cap'n Fox Turner... plague 'o me uncle Capn' Jack. I be goin' to start a mutiny, that be a ruckas!


~ 5 ~

If ye be lookin' fer some nice music to listen to, I'd like to direct ye over to Alot o' Scottish Nonsense 'bout Nuttin'. Danny has a great playlist 'o music from th' movie Braveheart, (which I put together fer him.) bin absolutely fallen in love wit' that music, 'tis extra pretty, 'n inspirin' 'n just plain nice to listen to.

Well, I be out 'o the hour fer this day folks. Remember, God made ye special 'n He loves ye extra much! jolly bye!

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