October 5, 2009

Ink and Fairydust!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned on here before about Ink and Fairydust, the official newsletter of The Fairy Tale Novels Forum the online home of all Regina Doman fans. Our second issue was released just the other day, and this time you can read it online!

It's totally awesome, fantastic and amazing. You all MUST read it! And then after you read it, you must go and subscribe to get it, just in case I forget to publish the link next time. (Gasp) You can send your subscription to inkandfairydust@yahoo.com with the subject "Ink and Fairydust Subscription".

In case you had any doubts, I can 100% promise you that Elena (our editor, and to whom you'd be submitting your e-mail) is real and would never ever give away your e-mail address or spam you. =) So you have no excuses!

Now, here is the link to Ink and Fairydust! I write under the name of 'Lady Rose', so anything with that name is by me. Enjoy!

Read Ink and Fairydust HERE.

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  1. I just joined the forum, and I enjoyed the newsletter. Just the name itself is so cool! BTW, your blog is really pretty. :)~Katherine Sophia


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