October 31, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 21

~ 1 ~
Greetings this fine day, oh fair readers! I pray thou will forgive mine form of speech this day. For I am of a Shakespearian turn of mind this weekend! On the fair forum we art having a party - aye, and a fine one at that - to celebrate All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and the second anniversary of our Forum! 'Tis a wonderous good time we are having... all masquerading as characters from the plays of Shakespeare. I am enjoying this verily much!

~ 2 ~

"Can one desire too much of a good thing?" - As You Like It

~ 3 ~

Aye, and another thing of Shakespearian turn that I am looking forward too with eagerness is the release of the November "Ink and Fairydust". Quite excited am I, for it has been transformed into the shape of a magazine this month... with 44 pages! By Jove, what a joy that shall be to read! Here is the cover for this month, is it not comely to behold?

~ 4 ~

I have a confession to maketh to thee all... I have become quite entranced with Shakespeare! Those of ye who have heard me proclaim Shakespeare to be dry and dull in my youth shall wag their heads at me, but 'tis the truth. Verily I like him now!

The change didst come upon me with an adventure upon our forum. 'Twas revealed that one of the members was in truth Laertes of Hamlet fame, and his sister was the fair Ophelia. Having not read that play, and being curious to read a classical work featuring one of mine friends, I took up the book and was snared. I have since re-read As You Like It for the third time and started Macbeth. I plan next to cast mine eyes upon A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Taming of the Shrew... and as many as I can well fit into my school year!

~ 5 ~

I shalt now leave thee with some o' mine favorite quotes.... Rose and Lanta style.

"Is this a bubble I see before me?"

"Oh happy bubble! This is thy sheathe! There pop and let me die!"

"To pop, or not to pop? That is the question!"

"Were we to call a bubble by any other name, 'twould pop just as well!"

"All the world's a bubble, and the men and women merely pop it."

"Frailty, thy name is bubble!"

"But bubbles are bubbles; the best sometimes pop. "

"Be not afraid of bubbles: some are born bubbles, some achieve bubbliness , and some have bubbles thrust upon them."


  1. Ah, so I have unwittingly enticed you into Shakespearean adoration! Woe is me...

  2. That's some lovely calligraphy there, my dear Rose! Did you do it yourself? If so, I shall have to delight myself in a little credit for your winning artwork! ;)

    With love,
    Your Fairy Godmother

  3. @ Elena - Ah yes, woe is you... for now I shall go about quoting bubbly Shakspearian quotes and drive all my friends mad!

    @ Claire - Yes, I did that myself, dearest Godmother! You may take all the credit you like for teaching me that fair art.


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