October 14, 2009

The Joys of Having an Amazing School Schedule

I have an amazing school schedule this year. It's an absolute dream. I get up, go to Mass - don't have to take any of my subjects in the car - get home just in time to start my first subject and finish at 3 in the afternoon. All the subjects are working out splendidly, I don't exceed my allotted time slots for any of them. *sighs contentedly*

Though it does cause problems when the car doesn't start so you can't go to Mass, so you just sit around until 9 because that's when you think you start and after starting at 9 realize that you weren't actually supposed to start until 9:30... then you finish at 10:30 and are sitting there with absolutely nothing to do because if you do your after lunch subjects, you won't have anything to do after lunch!

That happened to me today, but instead of sitting around for an hour and a half doing zilch, I decided to make lunch. I whipped up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and then made cheeseburgers for everyone for lunch. Impromptu home economics class saves the day!

In addition to cookin' midday meal fer me dear family, I found a way to turn me normal way 'o speakin' into scurvy pirate speak! tis was found by me "sister" 'n bucko Elena. She posted th' link on her blog this day, so bin be tryin' it out. 'tis really a ruckas! ye give a go' it! I just might have to do all me messages 'tis way! Here be th' link so ye can give a go' it out! Well, that's all I have the hour fer this day folks, spy wit' ye eye ye later!

Though 'tis temptin' to just keep typin' random nonsense into th' tavern... but I suppose I'll save that fer another day.


  1. And we all appreciated your generosity today very much! It was very tasty. Thanks, DD.

  2. Okay, number one:
    I found them on my blog friend J. T. Norlander's blog - http://proeliatorofluxlucis.blogspot.com
    and 2., the place where I get the 'Earwen is Feeling' was a widgit on LiveJournal (google Jane Austen Emotions Livejournal or something, and you'll probably find them - I just saved them all so I don't have the link any more X/)
    And 3, my friend Awel Prince (http://unthink-it.blogspot.com made my blog button! =D


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