December 28, 2013

And I've Never Been to Boston in the Fall

It's true!  In all my trips out East, I've not yet flown into the Boston Logan Airport when it was fall.  My rights to sing the song of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything remain intact.

As we are all aware, it is Christmastime! And Christmastime means a trip to visit my Knight.  It snuck up on me, but in the last few days it's started to sink in that I'm going to see him again very soon and I am so excited!  We are hosting an annual family Christmas party at our house tomorrow then I'm off bright and early Monday morning, so my bags are packed and waiting in my room.  (And not just waiting to depart for the airport, but waiting evilly to trip anyone who dares walk through our room at night.  No matter where I stick it, someone falls.)

As far as packing goes - I am curious.  When you pack, do you pack an extra outfit (or two, or three)?  If so, what's your reasoning?  Dating back to... whenever the first time I packed my own clothing for a trip, I have always packed an extra outfit just in case I fell into a river, a lake, pond or some other body of water.  I never have (at least, not yet), but I know that if I don't than I will.  You can never be too careful!


  1. You can never be too careful! I've been splashed head-to-foot in lakewater and a five-year-old has gotten pasta all over me on my last few trips, so I usually just empty my dresser into the suitcase and don't bother dividing it up into outfits. ;) I hope you have fun!

  2. I always pack one or two extra outfits! You never know what will happen - it might rain and you get soaked or spill something on yourself. When I went to San Francisco last year, I brought an extra pair shirt and was FREEZING during August so I ended up layering and wearing two shirts and a cardigan every day! Have a lovely time with your Knight, Amanda. :)


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