December 12, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge December: Green and A Beautiful Sight

I ended up skipping on Tuesday, because it was wrapping paper and there was no wrapping paper.  And then I cheated a little and ended up taking (unintentionally) yesterday's photo today and today's photo yesterday.  Let's start with "Green"

Last night I got together with a college friend that I'd somehow managed not to see since last Christmas.  We met up at the local Starbucks and had a lovely time catching up and chatting over a white hot chocolate (hers) and a caramel brulee latte (mine).  There was a sad lack of anything green during my day yesterday, but luckily for me that's the color of the Starbuck's logo!  (I ended up taking this photo this morning because no, I hadn't gotten around to throwing out the cup yet.)

Today was "A Beautiful Sight".  I always love pulling into my driveway, no matter what the season.  I suppose I'm biased, but I think I have a really pretty home.  There is the line of trees, and when you pull around to the back there is a small pond in our neighbor's back yard.  We got a fresh layer of snow that morning and with it being so cold my siblings hadn't gone out to play in it much, and it was all smooth and perfect.

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