October 3, 2014

And it's Finally Friday

1. I've been having a real difficulty in focusing on homework this semester.  It didn't help that for the first four weeks I only ended up having one day of classes instead of the scheduled two days of classes per week... it didn't feel like I was in school.  Now that I'm getting used to two days of classes, I must be adjusting to having four classes instead of the two or three I had the last two semesters.  Then I was in "Work, and then school on the side" and that worked out well.  Now I'm in the position of "work and school both at the same time OH and get ready to add on a second job in a few weeks!" and instead of working hard at balancing both, I procrastinate until I realize that, oh shoot, it's Sunday night again and nothing is done.

2. So I really should be working on a menu or reading a few chapters about Hospitality instead of blogging.  And I will.  I just needed a moment to... procrastinate with a home brewed chai tea latte and my caramel pumpkin swirl candle.

3. Catholicism and film/literary character connections have been popping up this week!  Laura from Catholic Cravings wrote this beautiful comparison of Eowyn and St. Therese and made me look at two of my favorite girls in a way I never had before. Then from Jack & Bobby, we have an inspiring look at the Catholicity of Captain America.  Cap is my favorite Avenger, and this post made me giggle in glee.

4. I'm super psyched for the release of the new Piano Guy's album Wonders... coming out in just a few more days!  And I got in my inbox today a special offer to pre-order an AUTOGRAPHED EDITION OF THE CD.  My siblings talked me into getting one that will say "The Dominick Kids", but I am sorely tempted to buy another one with just my name on it.  I really am...

5.  I mentioned last week on Friday that I was headed off to St. Louis for my cousin's bachelorette party (my first ever!)  It was a lot of fun, and we had a great time.  St. Louis is such a neat city, and I absolutely love Ballpark Village.  We went to Howl at the Moon (SO COOL YOU MUST GO TO ONE SOMEDAY), and tried to get into PBR (country bar) next door but couldn't because the Eli Young band was playing there!!!!!  Guys, I was right next door to Eli Young and I walked past their trailer.  Almost as good as actually getting to see them.

6.  I'm not becoming a caterer.  Or at least, I'm not going to be the person who comes up with the menu.  I suppose when you're actually making the food and you know the cost and time it's easier to price things but I'm terrible at estimating costs and there are seriously no catering menus online with the level of quality that I'm looking for that actually has their prices listed so I can get a better idea.  #hospitalitystudentproblems.


8. I've discovered recently that I have a knack for mixing and blending spices and dressings.  Nothing too crazy or adventurous, but I enjoy coming up with new combinations for grilled chicken marinades and seasonings for our Friday salmon fillets.  My favorite so far has been my ranch dressing/Parmesan cheese/Summer Shandy marinade for grilled chicken (sprinkle a little lemon pepper on the chicken breasts before grilling).  Today I experimented with a ginger/lemon pepper rub and coconut crusted salmon.  A bit spicy, but the sweetness of the coconut balanced it out nicely.

Have a happy Friday! <3

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