October 31, 2014

Threads of Friday

1. It's Friday again already!  As you read this, I'm on my way down to St. Louis for a wedding... my cousin is getting married tomorrow, and it's going to be awesome.  She's marrying a great guy that fits perfectly into our crazy family, and I'm so happy for her.  It's going to be a beautiful day, followed by an epic night of dancing and partying.

2. Continuing the thread of partying, I have discovered that I (horror of horrors!) enjoy dancing to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off."  What's worse, I listned to the preview of the songs from 1989 on Amazon and I LIKED THEM. Especially "Out of the Woods". Guys, I can't like Taylor Swift.  I mean, I used to like her, but then her music got 'eh' and her fans got ridiculously out of control and weirdly obsessive and were a major turn off.  The "swifties" more than anything where why I stopped listening to her.  But now I'm starting to like her again.  What is this madness?

3.  Continuing the thread of music, I listened to Carrie Underwood's Something in the Water.  I love it when country singer's release a song with a Christian theme to it.  It's never blatant in your face "HEY THIS IS A CHRISTIAN SONG", and I love that so many country artists have a faith that they aren't afraid to share with their fans.  It's a beautiful song, go listen to it.  I'm one of those crazy Catholics that actually likes Amazing Grace and gets super excited whenever I hear a new version/incorporated into a song, so I just love the ending of the song.

4. Continuing the thread of  jobs (because I was listening to that song at work), Day two of working two part time jobs and full time school is going well... so far.  I'm at job #2 writing this on Thursday, I've been here since 8 and get to leave at 2 to drive down to job #1 and work there from 3-11... so, we'll see how that goes.

5. Continuing the thread of jobs... Job #1 has an awesome tradition of doing a staff pumpkin carving contest.  Each department decorates a pumpkin - the only rule being that it has to light up - and then we let the guests vote for a week.  Based on guest conversation... I think the Front Desk is going to win with our "Haunted Hotel"

Yes, we put our managers' names on the tombstones...

6. Continuing the thread of traditions... Traditions really are the best.  And so are friends. And so is football.  So football traditions with one of my best friends totally rocks.  My friend attends the college that was the rival football team of my first school so of course every year we have to go to the epic battle for the rivalry trophy together.  I wear my school colors, she wears hers, we cheer on our own teams and rib the rival and it's awesome. Sadly, she won this year... but I guess that's okay.  My team is totally better and we won the last two years anyhow.

7. Continuing the thread of... traditions, and partying and Halloween... Happy Halloween!  I just came up with a costume last night, and I think I figured out a way to pop up wearing it every now and then throughout the day.  I'll snap a picture for you and put it in next Friday's post.

Happy Friday!

Ps. And going off of that thread, isn't this an amusing and intriguing graphic?

h/t Elenatintil, h/t huffingtonpost

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  1. That graphic is the funniest thing!!! To bad I live in the lamest state out of all of them....a banana?! What the...?!


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