October 17, 2014

Finally Fall-day

1. It's fall out today!  There is sunshine that we haven't seen since Sunday, and the leaves are all starting to turn beautiful and brilliant colors.  This may call for a pumpkin spice latte on my way to work later today...

2. In other news, I just picked up a glass of water and dumped it into my lap because I didn't pay attention to wear my mouth was.

3.  My Knight came to visit for four days at the beginning of the week, and it was a short but wonderful visit.  We went to my siblings soccer and flag football games, attended a Byzantine Liturgy (I'm in love) and went out for brunch with my family, gave him a tour of my campus and introduced him to the relaxed, often off topic and fun learning style that is classes in the hospitality department, went to the pumpkin farm, fixed the faulty wiring on my car battery after it died and left us stranded in the rain, went to dinner at my favorite Irish pub and walked around my old college campus.  This weekend was the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death and it was very special to have my Knight with me for the mass and dinner with my family.  It was a beautiful time.

Without meaning to, we ended up picking out identical pumpkins

4. A Capella groups are pretty awesome.  I discovered the Home Free Vocal Band on YouTube, and their renditions of This is How We Roll and All About That Bass are pretty hilarious.  Then they joined up with Avi Kapalan from Pentatonix for a brilliant performance of Ring of Fire.  Check them out!

5. GuysintwoweeksI'mstartingupaninternshipwhichmeansI'llhavetwopart-timejobsandonefull-timeschoolandI'mkindafreakingoutalittle.

6. I finished my Katniss cowl!  It turned out lovely and I'm having so much fun wearing it.  Of course the first thing I did once it was finished was dress up and take a photoshoot...

7.  It's getting close to the time where we get to sign up for spring semester classes and I actually took the time to look at the course requirements and what I still need... and I only have six classes left!  Providing the classes line up properly in the fall, I'll be graduating with my associates in Meeting and Event Planning next December!  It would work out nicely to do three classes this Spring and three next Fall... but if I go full time two semesters in a row I get a discount on insurance, and so I'm contemplating the insanity of taking three 3-credit hour classes, one 2-credit hour class and a 1-credit vocal or guitar lesson to bring me up to full time, which makes a total of 5 classes plus two part time jobs.  We'll see.

Well, time for a full weekend of work!  Happy Friday!

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