February 13, 2010

week in Femenine Hair and Dress Day 7 - Yaviel's

*sniffs* Tis the last day! Oh well!

Today's Outfit: A red skirt (Yes I know I wore it already this week but today I have to wear it. A white blouse and black felt vest. 'Tis my St. Faustina club outfit and seeing as today is the annual Faustina club dinner and you're supposed to wear your Faustina club outfit I have to wear it! :D


Hair: Pulled back in a rose barret! Simple but I love having my hair that way!


  1. Hey, Rose, I've been enjoying the photos, but I've been wondering, is it just for this week, or do you always wear skirts (or a part)? I'm kind of a blue jeans addict, and I wondered what would it be like to wear skirts all the time, even a week? Anyway, I really like the hair clip.

  2. We all wear skirts all the time. :)

  3. Really? Isn't that cold in the winter? How do you do that?

  4. Well, I wear leggings or shorts under my skirts anyhow for modesty's sake, so in the winter I wear leggings all the time, and I'm pretty warm. Now, if I were to be outside for a long time, say at the March for Life or a football game or something where I'd be out in the cold for hours, I'd wear either a pair of jeans or put on stretch pants under my skirt.

    It really isn't that cold.


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