February 11, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 5

Today insane little me decided to take my photographs out in 20 degree weather!  It was COLD!
Today's Outfit
Shirt - Today I'm wearing a lovely flowered blouse (originally from Land's End) that I got at Goodwill.  It's one of my favorites, with tiny little flowers, a collar and ruffles on the front.
Skirt - This isn't just any skirt - it's a part!  What is a part? You beg to know?   Well, "part" is the name I came up with for a skirt that both pants and a skirt!  It's great for climbing and running around.
Jewelry: For today I put on another pair of heart earring and a mock cameo broach.
Scarf - My red scarf (I do love that shade of red) was from either Wall-Mart or Khols, but I think it was from Khols.  It works well for either a scarf or a shawl.

My hair - Today I put my hair up in two lace braids, joined in the back with my gold barrette.  A lave braid is very simple, it's just like the regular French braid, only you pull hair from just the outside, instead of both sides.

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