February 12, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 6

I'm a bit more formal today, because I'm going to a Regency Party at my friends house!
Today's Outfit
Dress - My dress was a bridesmaid's gown that my mom wore for my aunt's wedding.  It was a little big on me, and the top came down pretty low, so I took it in a bit and made a new bodice!
Jewelry - My earrings are small crystal drop earrings that I found at a clothing exchange, I got my pearl necklace with the cross for my First Holy Communion.
Shawl - My silver shawl was from Wal-Mart.  I love these things!


My Hair - I did a Recency-style today with two curls in front, a bun in back (held in place by my handy hair-net!) and a few curls beneath.



  1. Aaaww! You look stunning, Rose! Love the outfit and hair. :)

  2. Fun! I hope you had a lovely time!!! I missed ya'll


  3. So beautiful, Rosie! You and Yavi look just utterly gorgeous in all these pictures. :)

    xoxo Addie


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