February 7, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair Day 1

Today starts the week in Feminine Hair Styles, hosted by my lovely friend Victoria

Today I woke up early and decided to curl my hair.  I enjoy curling, because it holds a curl so well!  I'm nearly alone in that regard in my family, as only one other sister and my mom are the only one's with hair that will actually curl!

Before I curled it though, I put it in two half-french braids, securing them with two pony-tail holders.

My Outfit for Today
Top: A turquoise sweater with a v-neckline, embellished with beading.  I believe I got this from Christopher and Banks.
Skirt: A knee-length mole-skin (why do they call it that?) skirt, with a lovely scalloped edge and decorative bead work.  
Shoes: Black heels (my first pair ever) from Payless Shoe Store.
Jewelry: Aquamarine heart on a silver chain from my grandma and blue crystal drop earrings.


  1. VERY cute outfit! And I love the hair! I wish I could curl my hair, but it's so thick it takes way to long and is a pain :P

    You look so cute! :)

  2. I absolutely love your skirt! And you just inspired me to pay more attention to my attire today, even though I'm tired. Thank you!

  3. You look absolutely lovely! Both hair and outfit are charming. =)

    I think that you would really appreciate this post here:



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