February 10, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 4

Today's Outfit
Shirt - I'm not sure what these shirts are called - they've got to have a name - but I call them collage shirts.  I got this one for Christmas, and I absolutely love it.  It's purple and cream and blues and greens with pretty snowflakes, elegant script and shiny dodaddy thingys.  The best part about it is it goes with blue, green, pink, purple and tan skirts!

Skirt - My skirt is an olive green with tan embroidery that I bought from Blair a few years ago.  It's flowy and comfortable and great for wearing both around the house and out and about.
Jewelry - Today I'm wearing silver wide mini-hoops, and my rose/miraculous medal necklace a friend bought for me in Rome.

Hair - Today I went with a pony-tail.  I think that, if done properly, ponytails can be pretty as well as feminine.  I don't mean the kinds where it looks like the girl slept with the pony tail in and half of it is falling out, or there are lumps of hair sticking up all over her head like some brunette mountain range, but a well done ponytail when you've actually taken the extra minute to brush the top of your head so it is flat!  It really doesn't take that much extra time and it looks sooooo much more feminine!
Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine.  ;)
So nicely done ponytails are cute and casual, throw in a scrunchy, bow, or cute ribbon and tada! 


  1. Can you believe I haven't seen your house yet? I'm guessing this is the basement? :)

  2. I soooo totally agree with you on the ponytail thing Rose! it's a pet peeve of mine as well... ;D ;D

    did I mention that you and Yavi look Lovely? :) well if not---be assured you do!! :D

    :-* CM


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