August 29, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 18

~ 1 ~

I was awarded this very bright and perky looking award a while back by Vicki a while back, and am just now getting around to passing it along!
I think for this one, i shall award the people who's blogs i have started reading recently.
Jare and Lib

~ 2 ~
*whips out imaginary guitar and cues country background music while adopting a Billy Currington pose*

My room looks great, my chores are done, *sigh* my siblings are lazy!

~ 3 ~
Note to all Love Story meets Viva la Vida fans out there... i was finally able to put it in my music box!!!! For the longest time didn't have it, but now they do! I am dying of happiness and joy... it's such a lovely arrangement! I am soooo going to play this at my wedding reception. =)

~ 4 ~
We started school this past Monday. I am... a Senior. Wow. When did i get to be so old? Ha, at least being a Senior seems more probable then me being 17. For whatever reason, almost half a year after my birthday, my first response to "How old are you?" is "16". Well, Bear knew what he was talking about when he said, "So you're saying that 16 isn't an age, it's a state of mind?"
It's a cool, but sometimes annoying state of mind. Cool that i'm proving Fish's point, annoying because i want to enjoy being 17. Which i have been... just not mentally.

~ 5 ~
And no, at this point in time i am not going to college next fall. Unless something happens, i'll be taking a year or two off from school, before moving forward. Things could change, but at the moment that's how they are.


  1. Hannon le very much!!
    (Or should I say Thag you very buch? =)

  2. Don't worry Lady Rose, 19 is a ton worst...

    I hope you don't develope a serious case of senioritis now!!!!



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