August 26, 2009

Belated Feast Days

This post is because i've been absolutely horrid with remembering my dear friend's feast days this year. So here are all my friend's now, with their feast days an a little bit about them.

Saint Isadore of Seville
Feast Day: April 4th
Patron of computer users, the Internet, schoolchildren, students

Blessed Father Damien de Veuster
Feast Day: May 10th
Patron of lepers

Saint Anthony of Padua
Feast Day: June 13th
Patron of lost items, animals, sailors, poor people

Saint Christopher
Feast Day: July 25th
Patron of travelers, against lightning, against floods, automobile drivers

Saint Dominic de Guzeman
Feast Day: August 8th
Patron of astronomers, astronomy, scientists

Saint Rose of Lima
Feast Day: August 23rd
Patroness of embroiderers, against vanity, florists, gardeners

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