August 11, 2009

Photo Shoot

A week or so ago i realized that i just so happened to possess a "Rose outfit". (AKA, something Rose Brier wears in the Fairy Tale Novels)

He wandered around aimlessly when suddenly he caught sight of Rose. She was carrying her violin and wearing a gypsy outfit, with a full red skirt, white shirt and a multi-colored headscarf.
~ Waking Rose

Quite naturally, when i realized that Rose and i had the same outfit, i simply had to take some photos! My dear sister Yaviel willingly obliged me by trekking down to the 'coyote-infested' creek ;) and taking lots and lots of photos, some of which i decided to share with you. (Though i shall be honest and confess that i don't actually play the violin. Some of my siblings have, but quite frankly, i was never interesed. Vive the Piano!)

Click on the photos for a larger veiw

Of course, in return for this favor i had to "insult" her (The Mikado word for a bribe) by doing a photo shoot of her in her medieval dress. Now that i had a lot of fun with, because when she is think she makes the goofiest faces so i can't but help to take pictures of them. I don't do that, hence the reason there are goofy pictures of her and no goofy pictures of me. And also the fact that Yavi still looks pretty when she's making weird faces and i don't.

Again, click on the photos to view larger
(Ha ha, for those out there who have seen the movie "Ever After", we captioned the last photo as "There was a bee." )

And those two would be captioned "You shall not pass!" and "Galadriel". (She'll probably kill me for putting up her Galadriel moment, so if you never hear from me again, that's why!)

So that was that! We had a lot of fun, i hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures, and Kathleen before you remind me, i know i still have to take pictures of you - i'm just waiting until it snows. Okay? Great!


  1. That outfit DOES look like Rose!!

  2. Beautiful, Rose! Now I'm wanting to dress up and do a photo shoot of my own...

  3. Very neat. (I know I don't often stop by this blog, but I noticed this post, and it was quite cool). Nice pictures. The Galadriel is quite hilarious.

  4. Uh oh. You don't play violin??? This could pose a problem for me. :-)

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely pictures - both of you! And I like the Galadriel photo, so tell Yaviel she mustn't kill you! :)


  6. @ Jo and Carpe - Thank you both! I'll be sure to tell Yavi that her Galadriel pose is well liked!

    @ Earwen - Thank you!

    @ Clare - Oooh, please do! I love your photo shoots!

    @ AGP - Uhhhh why?

  7. Rose--thsoe are lovely pictures of you! You do look very, very Rose-ish indeed! You're so lucky you have a sister who is willing to do photo shoots with you ;)

    Yavi-GAAAAAAH YOU LOOK LIKE EOWYN!!!!!!!!! O.o O.o O.o O.o


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