August 15, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 17

~ 1 ~

Well, i've been having a refresher course in accepting God's Will these past couple of days. It's been a bit hard at times, but i think i've finally accepted and gotten over the fact that i'm not out in Virginia at the Fairy Tale Novels Forum Get-Together. I had to cry, write a song and pray before i could, but now i'm fine.
It makes me wonder....

How do people who don't believe in God or prayer ever survive?

~ 2 ~

Er, as i mentioned in the above quick take, i wrote a rather pathetic song about not going to Virginia. I am quite proud of it, so i figured i would share it with you other deprived people out there. ;) 'Tis to be sung to the tune of "When There Was Me and You" from High School Musical.

It's funny when you find yourself
Watchin’ them on YouTube.
I'm standing here, but all I want
Is to be over there.

Why couldn’t it have worked out,

A miracle just happen?
Cause now I have to pretend
That I am fine right here.

I want to go to Virginia

And see my friends, my family.

Meet Paul, Elena, Grace

And Rachel too.

But my folks knew I couldn’t buy

A ticket to Front Royal oooh ooh

Wish I could be there too….

I swore I would get there somehow
By a train or walking.

And how I tried,

I did all that

A girl could ever do.
But it just wasn’t meant to be.

Now I’m feeling wistful,

I’m only left with might-have-beens

And maybe a next year.

Now I know I can’t go to VA,
Won’t see my friends, my family.
Meet Emmy, Daisy, Liz

And Bowman too.
Cause now even I can tell
I can’t go to Front Royal, oooh ooh
Wish I could be there too
But dreams don’t all come true

Hey at least,

They gave me call.

Got to talk to

Them that’s better

Than nothin’ at all.

I wish I was there too,

Be there with all of you.
But dreams don’t all come true.

~ 3 ~

A highlight of the week though was being able to talk to some of the folks at the Black Cat Inn Thursday and again today!!!! Let's see, i talked to Emmy, Rachel, Vicki, Hannah, Grace, Paul and Ginger and Elena said hi i think (it was a bit hard to hear at times, so i'm not really sure!)
Anyhow, thanks to all of you whom i talked to for taking pity on a poor girl who wants to meet you all so much!!!

~ 4 ~

Random fact... my character on the forum died the other day. Poor me, i was killed when the evil villain was backed up against the edge of a cliff so he threw a knife at Peter and leapt over the cliff rather than surrender. (Poor addle-brained lug.) Now, as it would have been against the rules for Peter to die (we have a no killing your husband rule) I simply had no choice but to leap in front of him and die myself! It's been rather nice, you know, being mourned and all that. One dear girl even wrote a song. ;)

~ 5 ~

Hmm, shall i post something non forum related for this one? (Horror of horrors, that 'twould be unthinkable!)

Well, i shall be going swimming shortly, so ta ta for now!


  1. I like the song! I am singing it too, unfortunately. :( I wish could go to VA too! We could both sing it together!

  2. So I started reading this post and was at the part where you were saying "It's been a bit hard at times, but i think i've finally accepted and gotten over the fact that i'm not out in Virginia at the Fairy Tale Novels Forum Get-Together" when the playlist started playing, and the song was Barlowgirl "I believe in love"--the first line of which is "How long will my prayers seem unanswered?"

    I prayed so hard to God to let me go to the ftn get together... I wanted to go so badly... and at first it was a really huge blow to me when I couldn't go. But I think my summer camp really helped... and I sort of realized that even though I couldn't go and meet everyone & everything, God had other things waiting for me...

    I don't think I've entirely accepted it, though, even though I have... if that makes any sense? What I mean is, I've accepted it now but later afterwards, thinking back, I might have a hard time with it.... because it's like everyone else on the forum is getting to meet each other, but with me, it always comes to nothing more than an "almost".

    I guess I'm just going to have to keep reminding myself at times like that that God only didn't let me go because He has better things for me and it really wasn't best for me......

  3. Oh, Rose, I'm so sorry you didn't get to go! :( And you too, Lanta... :( :( :(
    I definitely think we should all sing your song together, Rose! :D It's pretty much the best song I've ever heard. :D I love it!
    YOU DIED ON THE FORUM!!! ??? I haven't visited the family section in a looong time...I'd better go see what's going on!

    Lotsa love,

  4. Aw gee! That song is sad...but really good! I wish you could've come, too.We all missed having you. Maybe next year. :)


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