August 8, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 16

~ 1 ~
Well let's start your Saturday off with a laugh, eh? Ahem, if you would, direct thine lovely and handsome eyes to the rather stunning bit of photoshop down below.
Behold... The Yavielonath!

Quiet good, eh? There are a few things that i would still fix (if i knew how), but on the whole i'm rather proud of it. 'Twas a genius of mine imagination, though the original idea to stick her hand out in front was Yaviel's. Someday i'll get around to posting the photos we took from that photo shoot.

~ 2 ~

I would like to add to my list of Anti-Muffin people. (I had to get off yesterday, and couldn't complete it as i wished.) So i would like to add:

Catholic Nerd Writer
Random Jot Downs

~ 3 ~

Ahem, as one of the moderators of the Fairy Tale Novels Forum, i feel it my joyful duty to let any forum members who read my blog know about the Fairy Tale Novels Forum Newsletter! (This is assuming you are part of the forum and don't check it and therefore don't know about it.)

It's going to quite a charming and fun thing, so if you've opted-out of mass e-mails for the forum, i humbly urge you to opt-in so that you may receive this work of art right in your very own e-mail boxes! That way you won't have to remember to check the forum for the link that we will be posting there.

We should be getting out our first issue by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for it!

(Non-forumers may disregard this message. Forumers may not.)

~ 4 ~

Oh, what else to post about?

Haven't the foggiest!

Oh really, you don't? Well that's too bad, i was counting on you for inspiration!

My profoundest apologies.

Well don't apologize! Think of something to post!

Humph. You don't need to shout about it. Why don't you tell them you are starting up school on the 17th?

Am i? Oh, very well then. I am starting up school again on the 17th. My religion book looks very exciting.

See, it wasn't that hard was it?

Well, no, but twas terribly boring and now what else shall i post about?

~ 5 ~

The author of this blog wishes to regretfully inform her readers that alas! She cannot think of anything of substance to post in this the last Quick Take. She pleads your indulgence upon her temporary lack of interesting-ness this week, assuring you that she will be much more entertaining next week (she hopes).

Now she will conclude and let you depart for other, more enlightening blogs.


  1. HA! Did you do the photoshopping?? Wow!!! I'm impressed!

  2. LOVE the Argonath thing! Hilarious!
    And I love your signature!


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