August 31, 2009

Hopeless Romantic Tag

What two qualities do you want most in your future husband?
Hmm, well, i'll put my essentials and my preferences.
Essentials: i'd like him to have a strong faith in God and devotion to the Blessed Mother.
Preferences: it would be very nice if he could and liked to dance and didn't mind humoring the mushy romantic side of me. ;)

Is there a fictional character you see as a model for your future husband?
Well... Fish, Bear and Paul Fester. =)

Where do you want your wedding?
I'd like to be married in a beautiful church or cathedral. (Saint John Cantius?) I'd LOVE to be married at The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, but that's not possible, alas.

What are your views on courtship?
I think that courtship as opposed to dating is a very good idea. It seems much more family oriented, instead of just couple oriented. I'd like to get to know his family well, and i want him to get to know my family. (I think...) Of course a couple of "dates" on our own would be fine with me. (Ha ha, my list of places to go on a date is quite, er, unique. 1) To a cathedral for Mass and adoration, 2) a big library, 3) a beautiful forest preserve and take a walk, 5) historical museums, ....)

What are your views on your first kiss?
Well, i'm not so sure i like the "wait until my wedding day" idea. I mean, it's a nice idea and if my future spouse wants it that way then i'll probably agree, but i don't really care for that. I'd really like my first kiss to be right after he says "Will you marry me?" and i say "Oh certainly you most wonderful man! I'd go to the ends of the earth and back with you!" Or something like that. Knowing me i'd probably just say "Yes" and burst into tears. So yes, the first kiss when i get engaged, and then wait until the wedding.

Do you have or want a purity ring/locket?
I have two rings, actually. One is a Claddagh ring and the other is a heart ring that i was given on my 16th birthday. The Claddagh wasn't given to me as a purity ring, but i count it as one anyhow.

Do you have or want a hope chest?
Unfortunatly, i don't have a hope chest. I do want one though!

Will you wear a veil at your wedding?
What kind of question is that!?!?!? Of course i'll have a veil!!!!

What kind of wedding dress do you want?
Oh gosh... umm, well, i think i still want the Civil War huge skirt look, wait no. I want my dress to look just like grandma's on my mom's side. She had an amazingly beautiful dress!

What flowers do you want in your bouquet?
Roses. Red and white ones. They won't really go with my wedding colors (mint green) but who cares? It's my bouquet! Ooh, and maybe some pansies... but no, there stems aren't strong enough. =( That's too bad, i adore pansies.

What do you want to name one of your daughters?
Mariel Rose. Isn't that a lovely name? I actually want all my daughters' first names to be either Mary or a version of Mary. (Marie, Maria and Mariel.... Mariel is the Scottish form, i believe). Mary Alyssa, Maria Chiara and Mary Anasatisa are some more.

What do you want to name one of your sons?
Joshua is my first pick, after Junior of course. Joshua Michael. I would also like a Martin, a Robert, a Matthias and a Marc Gerard.

Do you believe in the 'knight-in-shining-armor' view of courtship?
Well, it depends on what you mean by that. Do i think the perfect man is going to ride up, sweep me off my feet and we'll gallop off into the sunset? No, that'd be silly, especially since most people don't ride horses anymore. They drive cars and driving a pick-up off into the sunset is terribly unromantic. I don't expect the man i marry to be perfect - though i want him to have perfection as his life's goal - and i don't expect his armor to be shinning and undented. Our relationship won't be all sunshine and roses, but if it is what God wants, then it will be beautiful.

So no, i guess i don't quite believe in the 'knight-in-shining armor' view of courtship.

What music do you want to play at your wedding?
Well, at the actual ceremony, i haven't quite thought out.
At the reception: Instrumental or quieter music for during dinner. (Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Amazing Grace, Therese, Little Women, Pirates of the Caribbean (yeah yeah, it's not quite, but it's instrumental!) Enya.)
During Dancing: Lotsa country songs! Josh Groban, Hayley Westenra, The dance from the 2005 P&P movie, the very first one that they do at Merryton Town Hall since i sorta know how to do that (That would make an awesome bridal party dance!) ooh, and "Time to Say Good-bye" for the last dance.

Are you a hopeless romantic?
I am, and proud of it!

And i shall tag.....




  1. *rofl* Hey Amanda! Remember what I said I was gonna play when I walk in to my wedding? haha! You should do the same with yours. :P :P....and wear red sneakers. :P :P

  2. I'd drive off into the sunset in a pick-up :) I'm going to do this on my blog, if you don't mind.


    I love your blog!

  3. @ Hannah - *puts hands on hips* And what is so funny miss?

    @ Epiphany - lol, i'd rather drive off into the sunset in a Mustang myself. ;) Mustangs are cool, and hey, then you get a car and a horse!

    I don't mind if you do this on your blog at all! In fact, i shall be eager to see your answers! Glad you like my blog!

  4. My goodness! Those answers are almost exactly the way I feel!! Specially the first-kiss one ;)

  5. The name Muriel Rose is BEAUTIFUL! I love the backround on your blog.


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