April 22, 2014

In With the Old

I've thought about this for a while, and wished there was a way, then I thought about it some more and thought that there had to be a way, so then I Googled it and sure enough there was!  (Google also saved me today by informing me how to unjam a stapler).

By all this I mean - my dearly beloved, but long retired old blog over at "A Rose in Bloom" has been merged into this blog!  The old blog is still there, and will be until the day I delete it, but now all the posts and comments (and tags, ugh, have to sort through that mess) are all over here!  Now you can go all the way back to 2007 when I first started blogging and read your way through the past seven years of my life to the present day.  As a warning, the majority of my posts for the first few years were Saints' feast days, every. single. Civil. War. battle. anniversary.  and lots and lots of Lord of the Rings.  And then a whole bunch of Week in Feminine/Modest dress.  Oh, and then more Civil War battle anniversaries.

Take a venture back - if you dare!  While going through and sorting through what posts I wanted to keep and which ones I wanted to delete (don't worry! I kept almost all of them!) I found myself clicking on titles and chuckling at what little me had written, so I there may be some Throwback Thursday's coming up in the near future.  Stay tuned y'all.

Oh... and if you were wondering how I merged the two, it was quite simple.  I went to the Dashboard of "A Rose in Bloom" - Settings - Other Settings - Export Blog (button near the top).  Download the file onto my computer, then sign into this blogs account and go to Settings - Other Settings - Import Blog.  Load it all up with the option to publish automatically or manually and voila!  Easy as all that.

And I really have to do something about the terrifying plethora of post labels I know have.  I was also quite label happy back in the day.

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