April 29, 2014

What's On Your Desk? (A Link Up!)

At first I was going to just a little post about the things on my desk at work, then I thought - everyone loves link-ups.  And a lot of people enjoy getting a peek into people's lives, their possessions, the little things they keep around that hint at who they are.  

Smiling at me from beside my computer while I'm working at my internship is my cheerful pink owl mug, Molly.  I won her as a prize during a game at a baby shower, and she is just so happy and springy.  She also holds a lot of tea and coffee and hot chocolate.

On the other side of my computer is a bright pink bunch of silk flowers in a beer bottle turned flower vase. (And you are right - the bottle was not originally blue!  I put a bit (okay, a lot) of acrylic paint inside and rolled the bottle around until the inside was (mostly) coated).  And what's that hiding down in the corner of the photo?

Yep.  That's Dave, the Minion.  He showed up in my Easter basket and followed me to work where he sits perched on the edge of my Kleenex box.

On the side of my cubicle is my photo wall with pictures of my family, my Knight, my grandparents, my Knight again, my cousins and friends.  They give my cubicle a homey, personal feel.

Oh, and because I totally don't have enough photographs of my Knight, here is another one!  Also, Bath & Body Works has the best hand cream ever.

Finally, we have my quote board.  Four J.R.R. Tolkien quotes, very prettily designed courtesy of Pinterest, and my white board that changes every week or so.  I've gotten a few comments from co-workers on how they enjoy walking past and seeing what I've updated it to.  

And that's my desk!  What is on yours?  Join the link-up below and share your own descriptions/photographs!

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  1. Love love love that owl mug... and all things owl. I'm kind of obsessed with owls. I want one named Odus. ;)

  2. Love Dave the minion! Awesome. *thumbs up*

  3. LOVE Dave the Minion!!! Awesome. I approve. *thumbs up*


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