April 28, 2014

Learning Hands-On

I will admit, a hands-on approach to learning isn't typically my first choice.  Discussion with a little bit of lecture is my first choice, followed by reading multiple books on the same subject.  In some instances, however, nothing can teach you something the way that taking a hands-on approach does.

I made dis ^_^
This semester I was enrolled in an event planning class and our project for the whole semester was planning an actual event.  The psychology department at my school has put on an "Anti-Stigma Symposium" for several years now, and two years ago they came to my instructor and asked if the event planning class would help them run it.

We spent the first half of the semester learning about the event and learning about theme and event design.  For our midterm we split into groups, developed themes and presented the theme ideas to the Anti-Stigma committee for them to choose.  (Can I just say that my theme got chosen?  Exciting!)

The following month after midterms (has it really been only a month?) was spent in intense planning and learning.  It was stressful, but it was so much fun, and we all learned a lot.  My instructor gave us the reigns and took on the role of adviser rather than leader, and we were put into committees in charge of contacting the appropriate people for audio visual, room set up, decor, print services, food and the like.

The day of was... intense.  We showed up early in the morning and were there for 14 hours until the event was over.  We were exhausted, and my feet are still sore a few days later, but all went well, we received a lot of compliments on our decor and design, and it was in all a great experience.

 There were times that I huffed in frustration and wondered why on earth I had chosen this major.  Event planning is stressful y'all... really stressful.  Even in the midst of the stress, however, it was still - fun.  It was satisfying to see the pieces come together, to receive approval from our "clients", and it was a relief to have my teacher their for advice and ideas when we needed it.  I'm not always a hands-on learning kind of person, but for this class I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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  1. Can I just say I think it is so fantastic what you're learning? I think people - myself included - definitely under-appreciated the people behind the scenes who create the environment for events, but your post makes it evident there is SO much work that goes in to it! Kudos you for all your hard work, Amanda - and congratulations on your theme being chosen!


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