August 2, 2008

Caption it!

All right then, following the lead of me mates Coon and Swann, I am going to do a caption it contest. Yes, a contest! The best captions get posted on hmm... Monday! Along with the photos, of course. So get those creative juices flowing! (please)

~ Captain Fox Turner


  1. #1- Jack *in a desperate voice/thought*: "I hope he knows how to use that thing."

    #2-Elizabeth *in a romantic voice*: "Will.....I forgot my lines."

    #4-"Open bloody thump-thump!.....bibbity bobbity boo!" *lid flies open, dust shoots out into Jack's face and knocks him backwards*

    #6-Elizabeth: "Oh dear...I forgot my lines again!"


  2. Cap'n Tiger Teague keeper of the codeAugust 2, 2008 at 5:26 PM

    #1 one more move and I slice!

    #2 *Will* "Fried chicken they have fried chicken I'm getting some!"

    #3 *will* "its mine i tell you it's mine" *Jack* "no its mine my own my precious" *Norrington* "give it back!"

    #4 *Jack* why are these things never clear? *things on the side pop out* why thats maddeningly unhelpful

    #5 *Sao Feng* so do we have an agreement Jack? *Jack* Tacos you said?

    #6 *Barbossa* "so we are here and we are going there how long do you think it will take to get there?"

    #7 *Elizabeth* "listen to me listen to me or else every one goes do bed without supper! is that clear!!!!"

  3. ARRR! Me Cap'n! Oill do a few! 'ere they are!
    #1. Jack: "It'sstuck."(SWORD)
    #2. Elizabeth *in an upset voice*: "Will...your father*near tears*'s...he's...*hoarse, whispy and tense voice* is, a codfish."
    #3. All: "ALL FOR ONE!"
    Jack: "And the key for me."
    #4 "It broke."
    #5. Barbosa: "It wasn't Moi fault!"

  4. HAHAH! RRR ME MATEY! Oi thought it be good to 'ave duplicate medallion just in case, so 'ou owe me $36.00 plus tax. And there's no chance of 'ou gettin' this *shaking medallion chain on neck* either!! Besides, it's at the end of Pirate week, so therefore 'ou cahn't get the medallion until next year!!! Savvy? RRRAARARA!
    Miss Kitty Kat Von Gibbs: "Genius."
    Elizabeth: "Yes, Oi know. So, now! See 'ou next year mate!
    Yo Ho and PIRATES life for me!
    CAP'N Elizabeth Swann, rrr!

  5. Miss Kitty von GibbsAugust 4, 2008 at 12:41 PM

    #1: Jack: "Will isn't your sword a little rusty?"
    Will: "No it isn't."

    #2: Elizabeth: "Will can you come over for dinner please?"

    Will: "Of course I will.I wouldn't miss dinner at your house for anything."

    #3: Noringgton: "I love my beard."
    Jack: "You do, I didn't know that." Will: " I didn't ether."

    #4: Jack: "Why do I have to be the one to open the chest?"

    #5: Sao Fang: "Nice ship and crew Jacky."
    Jack: " Thank you."
    Barbossa: "Who said that it was HIS ship, it's mine."

    #6: Tia Dalma: "Jack you said that we would there today."
    Will: "I said that, but I guess I was wrong."

    #7: Elizabeth: "Can you all stop arguing please. You're giving me a headache."


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