August 5, 2008

Pirate Week is Over, Alas!

So now that things are back to normal around here... what sorts of post would you all like around here? I could do a few book reviews, or I was thinking putting up a few of my favorite songs from "The Pirates of Penzance" or maybe even a country music sort of theme for a little while.... the cm wouldn't be a constant one though, more like a few songs here and there, lyrics, melody, all that. As for movie reviews.... well, haven't seen any new ones lately, so that is out.

What would you all like most to read? Be sure and drop a rose petal to let me know.

~ Rose


  1. I suggest book reviews or music you like. Its always great to find recomendtations.

  2. Aye, alas it's ovah. But, I still put more stuff on me Blog...PIRATE stuff. *blushes* Oi couldn't 'elp it!!! Oi just found some really funny stuff! 'ou cahn't blame me! Oim weak on that point. *points at Barbosa* It's HIS fault! I don't know why, But I'll just blame it on 'im! Savvy?

    Oi think 'ou should do a post on the weathah. So, us people sailin' won't crash. Or maybe 'ou could post on say somethin' of IPO'TANCE! Like Doritos! Or cranberry muffins! No just kidding. AH! One on our faith! Wot say 'ou to that?
    -Cap'n Elizabeth Swan

  3. Thanks for your comment :) Book reviews and music sound great.
    -Rebecca Joy-

  4. Books and music it will be then!

  5. Yay! It's finally over! I had to avoid your blog for the week, because whenever I logged onto your blog, my computer would freeze! :( Too much stuff! lol

  6. book reviews will be coming... just have to decide which book to do first! I do hope to eventually get up a review for each of the Redwall Books, since it is the 20th anniversary this year for the first one: Redwall! Hopefully by the time I get through them all the 20th book Doomwyte will be out and I can do that as well!


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