August 1, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds....

Or not. So today my luv'ly readers, I have a "movie trailer" that I scripted a few months ago entitled: The Pirates of the Dawn Treader *lightning bolt, thunder and all that fun stuff*
Here is the movie poster below:
*readers recoil in horror* When ye've all recovered, I shall shed some sunlight on wot gave me this spiffin' idea.
So, on the website, there is a forum that I like to go and look at occasionally. Now, a member of that forum who is also on 'my forum', mentioned that people had been writing 'scripts' for trailers of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I noticed that in them, people would have Aslan say lines like "Will you sail to world's end?" or something along those lines. I commented on the FTforum that put in that way, viewers who had never read the books might take this for another 'Pirates of the Caribbean' type movie. (Which it isn't!) Someone said "Yeah, it's The Pirates of the Dawn Treader!"
That got me creative juices flowing...

and here is the result!

Jerry Bruckheimr logo, followed by Walt Disney and Walden Media.

Eerie music. Caspian, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace stare upwards as they sail into blackness.

They Set Out On An Adventure…

Caspian spreads out a map.

Caspian: We are looking for the seven lords banished by my uncle Miraz.

Eustace: Why? Why can’t we look for something worthwhile? Like England?

To Find the Lost Lords…

Edmund: Where were they sent?

Caspian: They were sent out to sea. Westward. They never returned.

Eustace: And now we have to search the whole ocean?

And the End of the World…

Reep: Why not keep sailing, all the way to Aslan’s country? To world’s end?

Eustace: Because it’s too far… and the world is round!

But They Didn’t Expect to Find…

Sound of sword being drawn. Edmund, Reepicheep and Lucy stare upwards.

Lucy: Who are you?

A Pirate looks down from where he is standing on a mast Music pauses.

Jack Sparrow.

Jack sighs and rolls his eyes.

Jack: Captain! Captain Jack Sparrow!

This Summer…

Music changes to more adventurous theme.

Jack: So, do you have a heading for this venture?

Caspian: No, I don’t.

Jack waves something.

Jack: Then if you’ll allow me to take the wheel…

Pushes Caspian out of the way.

Jack: I think I have something that can help.

Shows Jack’s compass.

Jack: I am now in charge of this ship.

Caspian: Oh are you?

Jack: I’ve got the wheel, the compass, the directions… and I shall now transform the crew into a measly bunch of pirates. You’ve got no control. Savvy?

Be Prepared…

Slavers tying up hands.

Caspian: I am the king of Narnia!

Edmund: So was I!

Lucy: I’m the queen!

Jack: I’m not with them.

For the Unexpected.

Sea Monster curving over ship. All looking up nervously.

Jack: You don’t tie up people to masts, do you?

Lucy: Of course not! Why?

Jack: Just wondering.

Jack v.o. Do you have the courage and fortitude…

Swords clash as Caspian and crew fight off the slavers.

Jack v.o. …to follow orders…

Eustace sneaking water from near empty barrel.

Jack v.o. … and stay true in the face of danger…

Sailors fall to ground or run away in fright as dragon swoops over.

Shows Jack and Reepicheep sitting at a table..

Jack: And almost certain death?

Reepicheep: Are you calling me a coward?

*quick succession of scenes*

Lucy looks into book

Jack runs down beach with invisible Dufflepuds hopping after him

Edmund’s boot turns to gold

Doors open to reveal a lost lord

Ramandu’s daughter smiles at Jack

Aslan turns from a lamb to a lion

Eustace sees dragon

Seagull flying out of the darkness

Reepicheep sailing in boat up the wall of water at the end of the world

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Pirates of the Dawn Treader

Reep and Jack talking while sitting at a table.

Jack: You don’t want to go there mate. End of the world? Terrifying. Huge wall of water going straight down,

Reep: It does not, it goes up!
Jack: Down!

Reep: Up!

Coming to Theaters May 2010.

~ Captain Fox Turner



    Just ignore the weird font sizes....
    *sighs and rolls eyes*

  2. Ive read it before and Ill say it again. I love it.Its so funny.

  3. Love it! And the poster is incredible!!


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